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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Imam Al- Ridha made a mistake?!

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Good morning and salam be upon you all,

I made a thread previously about this topic, but I feel I wasn't very clear on what the issue was. 

So in Al- Uyoon I found a narration which was basically saying that in the Bible John Of Daylam foretold the coming of Muhammad. Here are my objections:

1) I couldn't find a contemporary of Jesus who was named John and from Daylam

2) This narration seems to allude to John the evangelist, who wrote in the Bible, but he was known to be from Patmos, and no one (from my limited knowledge) called him a daylamite

3) The Bible the Christians at the time and Place of Imam Al- Ridha are the same as the Protestant bible we have today, and these words about Muhammad aren't found

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Guest 12 imams 12 apostles

I can explain this to you but i need to to see this so i hope you do, first imam ali didnt mean that jesus told him in person he meant jesus told him using the bible the second part also in arabic isnt bible said that jhon said its the bible said jhon said which means jhon made the bible say something by him saying it as you know he was a beloved scholar and he made a tafseer which showed him that there is a new prophet coming named muhammed and its histortically proven!

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The Catholicos said, ‘Who is that just one? Tell me his name?’ He said, ‘What do you say about John Daylami?’ He said, ‘Very well! You have mentioned the most beloved person to the Messiah.’ He (‘a) said, ‘I swear to you, does the Gospel not say that John said, “The Messiah informed me of the religion of Muhammad the Arab, and he gave me glad tidings of him, that he would come after him; then I gave glad tidings of him to the Apostles, so believe in him.”?’

The Catholicos said, ‘John mentioned this from the Messiah and he gave glad tidings about the prophethood of a man and about his folk and his trustee. But he did not specify when this would be, and he did not name these people for us so that we could recognize them.’

Al-Ridha’ (‘a) said, ‘If we bring someone who reads the Gospel and he recites for you the mention of Muhammad and his folk and his community, will you believe in him?’ He said, ‘Surely.’ Al-Ridha’ (‘a) said to Nastas al-Rumi, ‘How is your memory of the third scripture of the Gospel?’ He said, ‘I do not remember it.’


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