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US Travel: How many States have you visited?

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I have had the opportunity to visit the following states (36):

New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New York 
North Carolina 
Rhode Island 

List how many you have visited and favorite one.

Visit = more than just airport. stayed overnight; seen a tourist attraction, ate a meal.

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32 minutes ago, Gaius I. Caesar said:

It is worth it but hardly any Muslims there. If you need to be near a mosque, stay in Juneau or Anchorage. I was in Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska.

share more info brother.

How long were you there? Places you visited, etc. I could deal with no Muslims for a week although I may have to halal my own elk or something.

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1 hour ago, Learner2526 said:

I've been to all of them my fathers family has a family reuinion every year and my dad has us travel through at least one state to get to the reunion. Utah, Colorado, and Montana are my favorite.

That is amazing

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Roughly a couple of weeks, I went in June which is probably the best time to go, although Ramadan would probably be complicated due to midnight sun. Lots of wildlife, the energy of the place is very pure and raw.

I went on a cruise to see the Valdez glacier and then I went to Denali national park, but honestly I think you would be better off exploring on your own. It is much more natural and rewarding experience for the viewer.

Whatever you do, do not whistle at "stray dogs", they are not stray nor are they dogs. They are wolves, sick with mange and haven't had a meal in weeks. If and when you lock eyes with them,you will understand that they are predators and hunters, not Man's "best friend".

I saw a wolf once (they look nothing like on Nat Geo, nothing ever does) and I told my parents "Hey, I saw a wolf" and Mom goes " That's not a wolf" and goes outside and starts calling it and saying "Here, boy" and whistling at it

And the wolf looked at her like "Who are you whistling at?" and then, he simply trotted away down the street. Usually you can tell between a wolf and a dog, the former tends to look sickly and his legs are much longer than the latter, plus his fur is silvery with an unkempt appearance. Still be careful.

I wouldn't recommend hunting an elk or reindeer,don't do it. The Alaskans are usually Republicans and gun toting 2nd Amendment freaks and I don't know how well you would be accepted.

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32 minutes ago, Mohamed1993 said:

Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, California, Nevada, Connecticut, DC (not a state), Georgia, Illinois and Arizona. Illinois and Arizona were just airports though, and Georgia was because I missed my connection and they couldn't get me on until the next day, so was pretty much just hotel and then back to the airport.

Airports don't count brother.

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Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida.

I need to get out more. 

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It's easier for me to list the states I haven't been to. I have been to Alaska and all other states except New England:

Never went to: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the littlest state of all, the lovely Rhode Island. Well, not Hawaii. Never went to Hawaii. 

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