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Lebanese parents

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Hello guys, I'm an 18 year old Lebanese guy living in the USA. I'm probably the most religious and smartest one in the family. I'm not saying I wanna get married now but I would like to get married like 2 years before I finish college (around 21-22). My mom keeps saying no, I have to finish college first and start a career job. I think I can work a decent job while I finish my studies and get married. I feel like all Lebanese parents are like that. Anyone else deal with the same? Thoughts?

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Yes my parents were like that too, wanting me to finish my studies first than get married. Your parents just want the best for your future, they don't want you to get married without having a decent job to support your family. What you can do is while you're finishing your studies, find a women and get to know her, and if you like her than get engaged with her. Than you can finish your studies while still engaged, and once you finish your studies and start your career, you can choose to finally get married.

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I too wanted to get married while I was still in university. It is good and noble; what your parents are telling you is just [usually] more practical and smooth. Many families won't accept a proposal from you until you are older and financially independent. You are also quite young at 18, and your interests and preferences will definitely mature and change with age (even your taste). At 18, you also don't have many options - most girls your age and younger don't want to marry at that point. But at 25, you'll have a larger pool of women to consider. Also, if you get married, and you're still in debt and not working, it'll be difficult to rent a place and make ends meet, especially if your wife becomes pregnant. It's not impossible, but your parents probably want the best for you.

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