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10 hours ago, fatima222 said:

Tatbir seems extreme to me. Is it a part of shia islam like matam is on the day of ashura?

Someone has a sense of humour. 'Joins Shiachat' and first question is about Tatbir. But for the sake of humouring you I shall reply on the miniscule chance its a genuine question rather then someone looking to light the touch paper and watch the antics!!

No its not 'part of Shia Islam', it is a practice that some Shias do.

Just as a summary

Ayatullah Shirazi says its Mustahab 

Vast majority of other Ayatullahs allow it but with severe conditions because of the fear that it brings Islam into disrepute (paraphrasing)

Ayatullah Sistani is neutral on it

Ayatullah Khamenei has banned it


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