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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Guest armaana

Shia Maulana in Roodepoort

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Guest armaana

as salaam u alai kum


where can i get a shia moulana in roodepoort to do my nikah?



Armaana Syed Ali

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1. Ahlul Bait (as) Islamic Centre



Physical Address: 4, De Wet Road, Ottery, Cape Town


Postal Address: P O Box 42, Ottery 7808, Cape Town


Telephone Number:   +27 21 7041580


Fax Number: +27 21 7041581


Email: afosa@afosa.org


Directions & Map: GOOGLE MAP >>

Click here: View My Saved Places in a larger map


Contact Person: Maulana Aftab Haider (+27827832122)


Bashier Rahim (+27828736367)




Western Cape - Cape Town



2. Al Jihad Centre



Physical Address: Next to Guguletho Police Station, Guguletho


Postal Address:  Box 4872, Cape Town, 8000


Tel / Fax Number: +27 83212847


Contact Person:  Yusuf Muhammad





Western Cape - Cape Town



3. Ahlul Bait Islamic Centre of Philippi



Physical Address: 4866, Ruth First Village Walk, Phillipi


Tel Number: +27 721478519


Contact Person: Esa Calata





Gauteng - Pretoria



4. Husaniyyah Abul Fadl al Abbas (as) - Ga-Rankuwa


Physical Address:  2663 Tlholoe Street Zone 2 Ga-Rankuwa.


Postal Address:   P.O. Box 1672 Medunsa, 0208


Telephone: +2771846659


Email: ssemanda2@gmail.com


Contact Person: Sh Ahmad Qasim Ssemanda






Gauteng – Pretoria



5. Al Qaim Centre



Physical Address: William Erasmus Street, Erasmia, Pretoria


Tel Number:  +27 72 5555888


Contact Person: Jafer Shah



Gauteng – Springs



6. Al-Mustafa Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå Mosque and Islamic Centre


Physical Address: 1468 Mamela Street, Ext 1. Kwa-Thema 1575


Postal Address: Box 3235, Springs 1560


Tel / Fax Number: +2711 736 5362


Contact Person: Sh Abdul Wahid Munir (+2772877256)


Email: almustafa@ananzi.co.za






Gauteng – Soweto



7. Soweto Ahlul Bait Jama’at


Physical Address: 2353, Senanone Street, Orlando East, Soweto


Tel Number: +27847992864


Contact Person: Sh Nur Muhammed


Email: nuryakeen@gmail.com




Gauteng – Johannesburg



8. Babul Ilm Islamic Centre



Address : No 12 , 10 Avenue Edenvale, Johannesburg Gauteng

Tel Number: +2782 929 7446


Contact Person : Mr. Khurram Mehdi





Gauteng – Johannesburg



9. Qasr e Zehra



Physical Address: 370, Jeppes Town, Johannesburg


Tel Number: +27823667119


Contact Person: Hasan Butt







Gauteng – Johannesburg



10. Islamic Centre for Africa



Physical Address: 20, Collins Street, Brixton, Johannesburg


Tel Number: +27832651237


Contact Person: Syed Rezai





Gauteng – Nigel



11. Imam Sadiq Islamic Centre



Physical Address: 5445, Zimu Street, Duduza, 1494


Tel Number:  +27 762063818


Contact Person: Abdurehman Mahlangu





North West – Mpumalanga



12. Kwandabela Ahlul Bait Jama’at



Physical Address: Stand no 1, Tweefontein East, Kwandabela, Mpumalanga


Tel Number: +27749293816


Contact Person: Sh Masud Ali





Kwazulu Natal - Durban



13. Imam Husain Mosque, Madrasah & Cultural Centre



Physical Address: 87, Old Main Road, Ottawa, 4340


Postal Address: Box 60049, Phoenix, 4068


Tel / Fax Number: +27 325376767


Email: info@ihmsa.co.za


Contact Person: Sh Jabir Chando (+27820506366)


Azad Seedat (+27835500955)




Kwazulu Natal – Durban



14. Jafery Islamic School



Physical Address: 32, Town Manor Gardens, Terence Park, Phoenix 4068


Tel Number: +27 730987024


Contact Person: Br Rashid




Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth



15. Imam Baqir (as) Islamic Centre



Physical Address: 11, Algoahof Rotting Road, Algoa Park 6001


Contact Person: Sh Ahmad Hamidu (+27735465627)


Email: hamidu1973@hotmail.com





Free State – Kroonstad



16. Imam Musa Al Kazim Islamic Centre



Physical Address: 3262, Phomolong, Kroonstad, 9503


Postal Address: Box 5057, Lengau, Kroonstad 9503


Contact Person: Sh Abdullah Jummah (+2785434205)


Email: kinnengea@yahoo.com

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