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In the Name of God بسم الله

Movie Coherence Blew My Mind

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Salaam all.

So, I made a thread a while ago, talking about the state of the existence of universes where we make different choices. Like a movie scene that a director decides not to use in the final cut. Does that "scene" exist? Somewhere?

So, imagine a world where you go jogging 5 miles a day. What is the state of the existence of THAT you? Does that you "exist" at all?

Then, I just saw Coherence. And there is some interesting science in it that I really need to look up.

It's a movie about a comet that comes and warps time and space for guests at a dinner party. You should skip this paragraph because of spoilers... So, the comet knocks out the power to the house. And they basically walk outside and realize that there are several different versions of themselves. In one house, they break open blue glow sticks. In another house, they broke open red ones. When they would leave their house because a house down the street has lights on, they eventually come and knock on their own door. Crossing paths with their identical selves. The main girl goes around and notices how one house is really vibrant and they enjoy their company. Another house is full of fighting. All the same people.

So, what is the state of the existence of different universes? One where you stayed in bed an extra two minutes today? Another where you took an extra shower? They must "exist," right?

Since time and space is created by God, the Most Merciful, is it really just a question of the difference in existence between the Creator and the created?


" and whoever mistook Him pointed at Him; and whoever pointed at Him admitted limitations for Him; and whoever admitted limitations for Him numbered Him. Whoever said: ‘In what is He?’, held that He is contained; and whoever said: ‘On what is He?’, held He is not on something else.

" He is a Being, but not through phenomenon of coming into being. He exists but not from non-existence. He is with everything but not in physical nearness. He is different from everything but not in physical separation. He acts but without connotation of movements and instruments. He sees even when there is none to be looked at from among His creation. He is only One, such that there is none with whom He may keep company or whom He may miss in his absence."

Imam Ali as describing Allah swt.

At some level, there are just two categories of existence: the Creator and the created.

And so, all the unused scenes from a movie and the used ones both have the same status, really, so to speak. And you just chose/are choosing which scenes to put in the final cut.

IS this legit thinking?

And what would you do if you met several alternate versions of yourself?

The trailer does not show how amazing this flick is:

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