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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ali Emanoil Mustafa

Confused about Sayyid/Non-Sayyid Marriage

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1 hour ago, iraqi_shia said:

Yes, Im sure.

Are you saying that we should encourage pre-Islamic tribalism?

Well, you could be wrong. There is no tribalism among syeds, we do not have any cheiftain nor any tribal structure. We believe that Surah Kwathar's one tradition encourages us to marry among our own caste, This has nothing to do with tribalism. 

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On 2/9/2017 at 2:53 AM, Jawid Akbari said:

There is no objection to a non-Sayyid man marrying a Sayyid girl. [Edit to remove long post.]

Selam ! thank you very much this is quite beautifully explained MAshallah ! 

[Mod Note: The rest of the quote was removed. Please do not quote long posts but tag the person instead.]

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We are always ready to judge others without completely understanding their perspective or side of things.

As usual, I will use an example/analogy to highlight the issue and then delve into the main discussion.

When I lived in the Middle East, the issue of zabihah/non-zabihah or halal/haram didn't exist in our lives since everything was halal. But when I was moving to England, my parents had to remind me about the importance of eating zabihah-halal only.

When I was moving to US for University, my parents told me "You HAVE to marry a Syeda but we will accept a non-Syeda too. Nothing and no one else".

Now to the main discussion - in a predominantly Muslim country, the issue of marrying a non-Muslim hardly exists. Chances are you will marry someone from a different tribe, may be different sect but a Muslim nevertheless.

This was not the case for the Muslims who moved to India. A lot of the migrants were Syed due to the "Syedicide" taking place in the Islamic regions. Regardless of Syed or not, when Muslims moved to India, along with a host of others issues they also had to tackle the issue of being a minority in a kafir country. One way to ensure that the younger generation remained on the right path was to ensure they didn't marry or intermingle with the hindus so they made the restriction so rigid that the most rebellious of Syed would still end up marrying a shia. That was the only goal way back then and even now like in the case of my parents.

The thing about human nature is that we always test or try to exceed our boundaries. If the rule is:

  • you can only marry a Syed; it will end up with Syed/Non-Syed marriages
  • you can only marry shia; it will end up with Shia/Sunni marriages
  • you can only marry Muslim; it will end up with Shia/Ahle-Kitab marriages.
  • you can marry Muslim or Ahle-Kitab, it will end up with Shia/Mushrik marriages

So based on the above, set the rule SO strict that at most a youth would venture out 1 circle and no more.

I am not condoning the people who say "Syed-Syeda" only marriages. I am only giving a background on why it is more prevalent in India than the Muslim countries.

I will say that since parents have become more lax about restrictions, you will find more shia-sunni, shia-ahlekitab, shia-hindu marriages than ever before.

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I don't think this Sinbad dude realizes that he is contradicting his own position. He says sayyids need to marry sayyids because surah kawther is about the enemies mocking our Prophet(S) for not having a tail (progeny). so he is using this point for sayyids to marry within sayyids. However, if anything one should deduce that sayyid's SHOULD MARRY NON SAYYIDS to create even more sayyid offspring. Thus making the Prophet (S) the opposite of what the enemies called him in surah kawther. 

sorry if you cant follow what I am trying to say. It sounds a lot better in my head lol.

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