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Mansur Bakhtiari

Self Studying Hawza Level Books

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I know many people want to study hawza-level books by themselves, so I made this thread to add links, books, whatever may help fellow self-studyers.


eHawza is a great resource for hawza-level books by Shaykh Mansour Leghaei, head of Imam Hussain Islamic Centre in Australia and founder of eHawza.

Ziaarat.net has great Islamic books in many languages. They also include books on Arabic Literature, which can prep you for studies in the hawza's of Najaf and Qom.

Al Qaem Institute lets people study Islamic courses for free online. Email Shaykh Sadfar Ali after signing up to get the full info on the course.

If you live in Canada, the Dar Foundation in Oakville has started a library which already has plenty of books mainly in Arab history, if you are researching in that domain.

Study tips

Studying in a mubaahatha, or study group is the most effective way to learn. You must teach the main message of the text to the other students, who will debate or comment on what you have said. How to do this online? Just post on SC a brief summary of what you learned from the book.

Also, start by learning english books but at the same time learning Arabic. I have arabic letters, grammar and makhraj down in a month (just need to improve my vocabulary, which could take a while). Urdu and Farsi also have quite a few books on Ziaraat.net so if you speak those languages it could help too.

Best of luck!

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