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All I See Is You: A Love Poem

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Poem: All I See Is You
So many ways, to think of you

In all things every day that I do….
Pretty girls in my high school hall
They are nothing compared to you
The rain which falls from the sky in fall
They give life to dead earth…. and the wind caries them abound…. with a whistle of dew
They imitate you
The stars outshine the light bulb in my house at night
Your eyes outshine the stars and they dazzle my sight
I share my minutes with a secret few
I used to share them with you
I’d love to share them with you
The past does not seem few
I love to think of you
And all I see is you.....

what do you think?

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Did it consume me with a strong, clear grip?

Were the strings of my heart, like a harp playing my senses into a swoon 

ascending to an ultimate crescendo? 

Did it descend on me with a force bywhich one forgets all his sorrows?

Did it envelope me? Did it consume me?


It was a whisper.

A quiet whisper of ultimate self-realisation

unmissable, without the need of boldness or any extravagance

a whisper was potent enough that i realised

You might be the one.



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