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In the Name of God بسم الله

[Video] Who are these people?

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13 hours ago, hayaah said:

What's going on in this video? Is he electricuting them? :o 


May be.

But dont know its AC or DC

These people are known as saifi naqshbandi. They claim its due to zikr that we transfer in people's heart and it purify them.

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Whenever you see something like this, do an immediate sajda-e-shukr to Allah swt that Allah swt has created you and I in the religion of our dear Muhammad and His holy Ahalulbayt AS. Those who are reverted among us are even more blessed because you chose what we were given without our own hard work. 

He saved us from eating lizards, from being slaves of kings of new and old, from revering enemies of Allah, from dancing in whirlwind fashion, from listening to music and clapping to it, from praying salat like firaun used to stand,  from having beards like monkeys, etc, etc.

Allah swt rewarded us with the grief of Hussain AS and kept us saved from all the bidda and innovations.

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Note in both the Christian and the Sufi electrician man video, the hand over of money.

Benny Hinn is a multi multi millionaire. Made by convincing vulnerable people to hand over money. I suspect the sufi guy is doing the same. 

If someone truly had a power from God, why would they even care about money? 


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