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In the Name of God بسم الله

Frigo: A Poem About An Old Friend

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I want to introduce you all to my man Frigo

He drives fast cars with pretty girls in the back

Frigo always means business,

Evolving like pokemon he got me pokemon for christmas,

Frigo was my past, present and future,

I told him I can’t see but he told me to stay persistent,

He told me me to live for now and not worry about what’s distant,

Frigo was my leader not an assistant and was gifted,

Gifting me with unquenchable desires that I chase at a pace I can’t control,

Frigo only drives fast cars with pretty girls in the back,

I’m young but I believe in Frigo, he’s so youthful,

I serve this world in no way but Frigo says I’m useful,

I mean he’s was always there in my mind,

Always giving me his time injecting me with promises which, I really hope aren’t lies

He’s been there in times my where I thought I was doing wrong but he told me I was doing fine,

Frigo feeds me all the knowledge anyone could ever ask for,

I’m on this never landing flight and he’s holding onto my passport,

The adrenaline I felt is what he calls my medicine,

To keep adding on and never settle in,

More is never enough,

Frigo tells me that greed is a synonym for tough,

Cause it’s a dog eat dog world and you gotta make the loudest woof,

Frigo’s bark is loudest of them all,

I can feel it within me like a hungry stomach suffering from starvation,

Only this is hunger worse,

Because even if I’ve eaten enough I’ll start to feel it like extreme thirst,

I tell Frigo I must stop but he whispers in my ear,

Convinces me to follow him once more,

He tells me tomorrow I can stop and I never have to see him again,

But then I wake up the next morning looking for my friend,

Frigo tells me this is all life has to offer,

He tells me giving is synonym for weakness,

Give me all your time I’m giving you completeness,

But I couldn’t do it anymore, and no whispering shall convince me,

He smiled at me, began to rub his golden belly,

He said I can make life so much easier if you’d just let me,

Staring into his eyes the golden eyeballs with diamonds in his pupils,

I look even deeper I can see his disapproval,

The optics of the diamond through his pupil flickers a light that never seems to shine bright,

This light that blinds my eyes like clouds blocking us from seeing the clear blue sky,

I, ask Frigo why his light never fully shines,

He says this light isn't mine,

The diamond you see in my pupil, is a reflection of what I see in your eyes,

The closer I looked into the diamond I could see,

That the flickering light in Frigo's eyes, was me,

He tells me he's not here to stop me from greed

He's not going to stop telling me giving is for the weak,

He's not the one who will put me on track,

Frigo only drives fast cars, with pretty girls in the back,

I locked Frigo up and swallowed the key,

Giving is a synonym for tough,

And greed is a synonym for weakness,

I had to control my Frigo,

I had to control my free-ego

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