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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

On Psycopathy and Psycopaths

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I would like to know view on Psychopathy and psychopaths regarding people who were born without empathy. In Islam our core principles are based off of empathy and caring

for others. How can can Islam cater to one who has no emotion? These people do exist, and are very good at hiding their psychopathy and its not like in the movies where all of them 

are killers. Their brains simply function on a different level than the average human, they can feel nothing on an emotional level. I am particularily talking about those who are born with this

condition. Also they still know right from wrong but chose to only benefit themselves, do we have any ahadith on this or saying from the ahlulbayt? Maybe a brother/sister with psychopathy can pitch 


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Agreed and this is why Islam caters on a both subjective and objective level, but how can such a condition exist what is its reasoning?

In shia Islam empathy is the core, however does this mean a psychopath is born without the possibility of understanding/feeling the religion?

There must be at least one instance where the masoom addressed something like this or similar.

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If you read psychology books (don't, western psychology is a scam) and do some background information, they'll have you believe some people are just born like this or that they develop this through a bad nurture/youth.

This goes directly against the 'adl (justice) of Allah. Nobody hurts that much that they go through such a bad change in their life. Sure... some children develop gross/dangerous ethics in their childhood because of their environment (rape/murder/harshness/coldness from parents/not learning emotional cues/low IQ) but there is always, all the time, every second of the day a CHOICE to be made. You either CHOOSE to be a psychopath or not. I firmly believe this... until someone can show me proof of Quran/Hadith that state otherwise.

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