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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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A Painting of YOU

I took once my colors to paint YOU
Truly from where to start I have no clue
The images i have are really so few
What elements I should have in my view?
Let my picture have a sky & let it be blue
Also a river with the same color too
It will include a sun? yellow! I knew
Then four roses standing in a queue
Blue will be two while red the other two
Finally a white horse with a beautiful cue 

I started with blue and painted the sky
Blue is for YOU and  thus it is high
The river was wide and I can stand by
It also was clear crystal like an eye
Then it was the sun yellow as in July
Was shining but dare toward it to pry  
Later the four flowers; blue, red and shy
YOU are the fifth but not with them why?
I then painted the horse, white I apply
It was gorgeous; you can ride you can fly

Finally I am painting YOU; Oh my GOD, NO
Who can just imagine what i really saw
The blue sky is crying blood you know?
The river as well has stopped to flow
The Sun wishes to be down and even below 
I can hear her moan, listen to her crow 
Begging a cloud to avoid seeing the show 
the four flowers fainted and has no glow
They became red not anymore blue; nor in row
Moving in circles, the horse holds his tow 
The tears in his eyes; he is trying to stow 
Not white but also with red as cut by a saw 
Standing up sometimes then kneeling so slow

What happened to my painting  why all is red?
It’s blood! It left the paper! All over it spread
I can feel the dim; black is all over shed
It is YOU in my picture but why with no head?
Why YOU are sleeping? why with no bed?
Where is the horse? why this lady instead?
Why she is holding YOU up? what she said?
Why she has no veil? I can't look ahead
The flowers are moving bleeding and shred
They surround YOU all, but one just sped 
She screamed “MY SON” are you really dead?
MY SON HUSSEIN” to whom I shall dread 


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