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Love poem: A Wondrous Garden

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I wrote this about a different girl than the one I wrote the last one about...


Your eyes bring me to awe, my soul in wonder

Your smile brings me to joy, as I saw….a sun of beams down yonder

I wish to see that smile upon your leave

Upon my leave, I wish to glance

On your smile-for I wish a weave

Of blushing glances, like spring time plants

I can not stop staring, even though it is a sin

You are so beautiful to me……and I hope my actions will win-

A better man in me, inspired by your voice

To make you happy and grant, any favor of your choice

Your voice, your voice, a song that is truly music

Your eyes, your eyes, a beam of beauty that is truly art

Your walk, your walk, a grace that is truly angelic

Your smile, your smile, a hope that is truly sport

Your start, your start, in this world was met with love, at port, at port,

For you left them all too soon….

No one can have enough of you, for you are loved by many

And if this is not the truth, then I am that many

Who have longed for you more than the whole world can long for peace

For who is a root without its rain, and what is rain without its root?

And their gift be a wondrous garden





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Instead of writing poetry about an imperfect human being , why dont you base your poems on our perfect creator or the beings that He made perfect I.e the Holy Prophet (pbuh)? It will please Allah and his creation at the same time. :)

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