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Wrists - hijab

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Salam guys

i have a question about covering the wrists. Pretty much every Shia marja says cover the hands up to the wrists. Does this mean cover the wrists too? It might seem like 'whys she being so fussy about not wanting to cover her wrists' but trust me it is sooo annoying trying to keep them covered. I can only achieve this by wearing sleeves that are too long or wearing sleeves that are tight from the bottom end which defeats the purpose. If I wear sleeves that are my normal length I have to keep tugging at the bottom ALL the time - to put on my bag, to write, to eat etc etc otherwise when my sleeves go up you can see the wrists. It's really annoying to cover them. So that's why I'm asking...




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Guest silasun

Salam Alaikum

It's good that you pay attention to fulfilling your duties. It is obligatory to cover up to and including the wrists.

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Personally, I don't pay attention to detail; I find it trivial. Face and hands we're allowed to show. Whether this includes or excludes the space under my chin, the dorsal surface of my hand etc. I could care less. Some argue, even showing the face isn't allowed. I believe God has made life easy for us, but we make it difficult for ourselves. Asking for details and focusing on them excessively reminds me of the story with nebi musa (pbuh) and the Israelis:

About this time a wealthy man died, leaving behind an only son, who inherited his father's wealth. His cousins envied his good fortune and secretly killed him so that they could inherit it.

The dead boy's other relatives came to the Prophet Moses and asked his help in tracing the boy's murderer. Moses instructed them to slaughter a cow, remove its tongue and place it on the corpse. This would reveal the murderer, he told them. They accused Moses of joking. He replied: "Allah forbid that I be foolish!" They questioned him about the type of cow they should slaughter, and he said: "This cow is neither young nor mature, but in between the two conditions, so do as you have been commanded."

Instead of following his direction, they asked him more questions. "What color must it be?"

He replied: "Verily, it is yellow in color."

They still were not satisfied with his answer and asked for more details. Moses replied: "It is an unyoked cow; it does not plow the soil nor water the tilth, and is entirely without marks."

Just slaughter a cow. Though I suppose if you wish to please your Lord, there is nothing better than that. I wear a watch that covers most of my wrist. You could do that too? But that only covers one wrist. Many Islamic shops and online stores sell sleeves you could buy. They stretch from elbow to wrists (covering them too). You can buy those? Or you could start wearing gloves and cover your hand while you're at it too? 

Image result for islamic sleeves

Hope it helped



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