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In the Name of God بسم الله

!!! PLEASE make dua for this family!!!

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  1. Truly, Allah is most merciful. Allah is the provider, maintainer, and healer. 
    **Brother Ameer was diagnosed with kidney failure and has to go on dialysis frown.gif **

    In one day the community from all over came together and raised over $22,000 to help brother Ameer. He is husband of sister Ameera (Traditional Muslimah Homemaker:http://traditionalmuslimah.blogspot.com/ , thread I made year before last: http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthrea...ker&highlight= )

    When they announced the news of his sickness earlier this week it hit everyone like it was our own family member. They are such nice people. They attend the masjid I go to in Atlanta and everyone loves them. She has been instrumental in helping sisters from all backgrounds in the greater Atlanta area when it comes to all things family, holistical/herbal/natural medicine and homeschooling (and cooking). Brother Ameer is a student of knowledge under Shaykh Ninowy and has been most helpful in spreading of dawah and sharing his knowledge. This just goes to show you no matter how healthy you are illness can strike at any time. Please make dua for this family. 

    (LOL, they got the kid count wrong, it is 7 kids in total, 6 boys and 1 girl, mashallah).








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What a lovely family, mashAllah. They are in my prayers. InshaAllah his hospital treatments get him back on his feet again.

Love the walking sticks the kids have:


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GoFundMe for widowed sister

Over $90,000 has been raised for this sister in one day. The brother died yesterday morning and his janazah is today.

People from all over came together to help, Georgia, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Cali, Philly,UK, black, white, arab, Shia, Sunni, Salafi,  Sufi, even NOI.  

This was a believing brother. May Allah have mercy on his wife and children.

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