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In the Name of God بسم الله

Syria Names Foreign Secret Agents Trapped n Aleppo

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Look listen, i know there are some rules on here about certain words, but i have to say this. 

The imperial liberal satanic western group/institutions/people/think tanks that plan all these fitna's and had a hand in this (and have had a hand in many coups and plans and plot attempts in may countries) - they are tossers. Many of them are [Edited Out]s. Sorry mods that is not a swear word or even meant as such, i am giving a fair and genuine description, please see here http://www.dictionary.com/browse/[Edited Out]

These are illegitimate men and women. It is high time that the world comes together and sees the truth. 

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7 hours ago, mayf321d said:

Spoken like a true boss. Loved the ending as well.

Inshallah Syria will soon rid itself of its terrorists like the FSA and their friends Al-Qaeda



It would be amazing if the government could catch those named in the video and parade them in front on the cameras, insha'Allah soon.

I agree, I think that boss is the best way to describe his performance.

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