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In the Name of God بسم الله

Great Lecture on Wilayat Al-Faqih

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Coming from someone who isn't iranian, has never had bias or influences, and also from a community where some refer to Ay.Khamanei as a 'fake' marji, etc, i have got to say Ayatullah Khamanei, and the fact an entire country, as well as parts of other nations and armies is united by one jurist, pious leader, foresighted leader, determined leader, is the biggest thorn for tyrants. If i were them, i would look to incite shia-shia disunity, by telling the Iraqi's Iran wants to take over, by telling the pro-blood letters that Ay.Khamanei seeks to end azadari, by exploiting as many insecurities, childish antics, and divisions, and then watch as shia's, a very small and loathed group, get divided and burn to the ground.

By Allah, if i was not convinced by the truth in religion, the beauty of the path of Ahlulbayt [who preserve nothing more or less than the Sunnah of their leader, Muhammed saw], and had basic morality, i would have been able to cause immense shia-shia disunity because i know precisely where all the points of controversy lay, and exactly how to incite emotions between one group and another. 

Just know, think-tanks and enormous ammounts of money and minds far brighter than mine or yours, know this information, and unlike us [and we could cause serious damage as we know the ins and outs] they have enormous funds and media by their side.

Now imagine how badly they want to divide we, the shia. The takfiri's and sectarians from the salafi's will love it. The 'dirty' 'majoosi' 'rawafidh' will be once and for all, broken. And by Allah let me tell you one more thing, few things boil their blood as much as a shia sovereign, independent and powerful nation. Any idea or notion of shia power and independence angers them to their core.

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17 minutes ago, hasanhh said:

@Martyrdom  As someone else posted a week or so ago, these long videos need to be summarized in writing and posted along with the video. In this case, l and several others do not have the 1:02 hours to spare. Most people can read faster than this.

Bro theirs always an hour to spare to learn about your deen.

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