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In the Name of God بسم الله

What does it mean to hear Surah Maryam in a dream?

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I had anxiety in a dream I just woke up from and my anxiety in the dream went away by Surah Maryam. Does this have a meaning, or is it because I listen to it a lot and my mind wanted to process it?

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2 hours ago, Journey of Truth said:

Dream Interpretation by Imam Sadiq (as)

whoever recites it then he will lie about the fornicator and slander him, and will be innocence [of anything] from that.

I didn't recite the Surah, I just heard it being played.

i don't slander people and accuse them of illegal sexual intercourse. 

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35 minutes ago, alidu78 said:

That was from à vidéo near you ? I mean , did you understand where the sound came from exactly ?

It sounded like the person on my app who recites Quran, but I don't know where it came from in my dream. 

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