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In the Name of God بسم الله
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imam hussein

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i love this stufff

please keep em coming

good for my faith

if anyone else knows where i can read such stories

i will appreciate it

i kno theres alot on imam reza.net that have taken place at mashad

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Wiladat e Imam Husayn (as) Mubarak to Imam Al Hujjah (atfs), to Ahlulbayt (as) and to all Momineen.

May Allah(swt) guide us to te right path be Haqq e Imam Husayn (as)


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Crying and wailing for the imams (as) is a sunna of the prophet of islam, and i will prove it to you from sunni books.

Whenever he (pbuh&f) found the appropriate environment he would attempt to cure the pain of his heart, put off the heat in his heart and the fire of sorrow by hugging one of his family close to his chest, he would smell and kiss pouring his tears, with crying eyes and his tong carries what amuses his feelings.

Narrated Ibn-Abbas: "I went out with the prophet (s) and Ali (ra) by the walls of Madina, we passed by a garden. Ali (ra) said: What a beautiful garden this is Oh' prophet of Allah? He (the prophet) said: Your garden in Paradise is more beautiful than this. Then he pointed with his hand to his (Ali's) head and beard and cried till he was loudly crying. We said: What makes you cry? He said: Hatred in the hearts of a people, they do not display till they loose me."

In a narration according to Anas bin Malik: "Then the prophet put his head on one of Ali's shoulders and cried. He said to him: What makes you cry, Oh, messenger of Allah? He said: Hatred in the chests of peoples, they don't display until I depart from this world."

Sunni Ref,

Musnad al-Bazzaz;

al-Mu'jam al-Kabeer, al-Tabarani

Musnad abu-Ya'la

Tareekh al-Sham, Ibn 'Asakir

Majma' al-Haithami

You see him (s) embrace abu-Mohammad - the Hassan-al-mujtaba(as), the son, to his chest and kiss him on his mouth and navel, because of what he knew that his contents from his mouth to his navel will be cut by the poison.

Then he would embrace the Hussain(as), the son, towards him to smell and kiss. To kiss the spots where swords, arrows and stabs are to fall. He would concentrate on his lips, knowing that they will be hit by the rod.

He (s) mourns his Hussain, his flower (as he used to call them), time after time, in the houses of the Mothers of the Believers (his wives). Whenever his sorrow is hard on him, he would take the Hussain in his lap and brings him along to the mosque, to the gathering of Sahaba while crying. His tears falling, he would display to them the infant Hussain with the sand of Karbalaa in his hand and say: "My nation (Ummah) will kill him, and this is the dirt of Karbalaa." Or he would take the dirt smell it and cry, with the mention of his murder and death, saying: "The smell of Karb wa Balaa (sorrow and trial)." Or would say: "By The One who owns my soul, it saddens me: Who is this who kills Hussain after me?" Or would say: "Wow to 'Karb and Balaa'", or "Karbalaa: the land of Karb (deep sorrow) and Balaa (painful trial)." Or puts Hussain on his lap, with his red dirt in his hand, while crying and say: "I wish I could express my self! Who kills you after me?"

* Sunni Ref:

Musnad Ahmad, Ahmad bin Hanbal

Musnad abu-Ya'la, abu-Ya'la al-Mousulli

Musannaf Ibn Abi Sheiba

al-Khasaes, al-Nisaei

Saheeh al-Tirmithi

Mushkil al-Athar, al-Tahawi

al-'Ilal, al-Darqutni

Huliat al-Abrar, abu-Naeem

These are important Islamic historic events, a slice of which history did recorded for us, even though, due to the past circumstances only little reached us. Here is a brief list for you.

A rite (maatam) in the house of the Messenger of Allah (s)

"Ahmed and Ibn al-Dhahhak narrated from Ali (ra), said: I entered on the prophet (s) and his eyes a flooded, I said: Oh! Prophet of Allah, anyone made you angry? Why are your eyes flooded? He said: Gabriel just left me telling me that Hussain will be killed by the river Euphrates. He (prophet) said: So he (Gabriel) said: Do you want me to let you smell his dirt (from his burial pot)? I said: yes! He reached with his hand and grabbed and handful of dirt and gave it to me. So I could not help it and my eyes were flooded."

Sunni Ref:

Thakhaer al-Uqba, Muhibbuldeen al-Tabari, p148.

A rite of infancy

"Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Ali al-Jawhari, in Baghdad, told us: Abul Ahwas Mohammed bin al-Haitham al-Qadhi, from Mohammed bin Musaab, from al-Awzaei, from abi Ammar Shaddad bin Abdullah, from Ummul Fadhl the daughter of al-Harith. That she entered on the Messenger of Allah (s) and she said: Oh! Messenger of Allah, I saw a strange dream last night. He said: And what is it? She said: It is difficult. He said: And what is it? She said: I saw, as if, a piece of your body was severed and was put in my lap! The Messenger of Allah (s) said: You saw good - Fatima will give birth, God willing, a boy so he will be in your lap. Then Fatima gave birth to al-Hussain and he was in my lap - just as the Messenger of Allah (s) said. So I entered one day on the Messenger of Allah (s) and put his in his lap, but I noticed that the eyes of the Messenger of Allah (s) pouring tears! She said: So I said: Oh! Prophet of Allah, my parents are your ransom, what is with you? He said: Gabriel (pbuh) came to me and informed me that my nation (ummah) will kill this son of mine. I said: This one? He said: Yes, and he brought me dirt from his red dirt."

al-Hakim said: This is a correct hadeeth (Saheeh) on the conditions of (Bukhari and Muslim) but they did not print it. He produced it in page 179, he said: Narrated abu al-Abbas Muhammad bin Ya'qoob, Muhammad bin Is-haq al-Sana'ni, Muhammad bin Isma'eel bin abi Summaiya, Muhammad bin Mus'ab, al-Awza'ei, abi Ammar that Ummul Fadhl said: The messenger of Allah (s) said - while Hussain in his lap - that "Gabriel (as) informed me that my nation (ummati) kills al-Hussain."

He (al-Hakim) said: Ibn abi Summaiya has summarized this hadeeth. Other than Muhammad bin Mus'ab have narrated it in full.

Sunni Ref:

al-Mustadrak al-Saheeh, al-Hafidh al-Hakim al-Nisapouri, v3, p176.

Dalael al-Nubouwa, al-Hafidh al-Baihaqi.

It was produced by al-Hafidh al-Baihaqi in "Dalael al-Nubouwa" under the subject of Hussain (as). He said: Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Haifdh (al-Hakim al Nisapouri), abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Ali al-Jawhari in Baghdad, with the same narrators and text, as mentioned.

Al-Hafidh bin 'Asakir in Tareekh al-Shamm (History of Shamm) said: abu 'Abdullah al-Gharawi, abu-Bakr al-Baihaqi, Muhammad bin 'Abdullah al-Hafidh, the same as above.

Also said: Informed us abu al-Qasim bin al-Samarqandi, abu al-Hussain bin al-Naqoor, abu al-Hassan Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Umran (known as ibnul Jundi) abu Rawq Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Bakr al-Harati, al-'Abbas bin al-Faraj al-Raqqashi, Muhammad bin Ismaeel abu Summaiya, Muhammad bin Mus'ab supported as follows:

"I saw, Oh Messenger of Allah, a sighting I find too great to describe to you. He said: Tell it. She said: I saw as if a piece of you was cut and put in my lap! He (s) said: Fatima is pregnant, she will give birth to a boy whom I will name Hussain and she will put him in your lap. She said: So Fatima gave birth to Hussain and he was in my lap, to take care of him, so he entered on me one day and Hussain was with me and started playing with him for a while. Then his eyes filled with tears, so I said: what makes you cry? He said: This is Gabriel informing me that my nation (ummati) kills this son of mine!"

All the narrators are trusted and the hadeeth is "saheeh".

A rite in the house of al-Sayyidah Ummu Salamah, Ummul Moemineen

Narration by Ya'la bin 'Ubaid, Musa al-Jahani, Salih bin Arbad al-Nakhei, Ummu Salamah said: "al-Hussain entered on the prophet (s), while I was sitting at the door, so I saw in the hand of the prophet (s) something he turned over while (Hussain) sleeping on his stomach. I said: Oh messenger of Allah, I looked and saw you turning something over in your hand when the kid was sleeping on your stomach and your tears were pouring? He said: Jibraeel came to me with the sand upon which he will be killed. And he informed me that my nation (umma) will kill him."

Sunni Ref:

al-Musannaf, by al-Hafidh abu Bakr bin abi Shaibah, v 12

Narrated al-Hussain bin Is-haq al-Tustury, Ali bin Bahr, Issa bin Younis. And 'Ubaid bin Ghannam, abu-Bakr bin abi Sheibah, Ya'la bin 'Ubaid, the both said: Mousa bin Salih al Juhani, Salih bin Arbad, from Ummu Salama (ra) said: "The messenger of Allah said: Sit at the door, and don't let anyone enter on me. So I sat at the door, then Hussain (ra) came by so I went to take him, but he raced me and entered on his grandfather. When that took long, I peaked from the door and saw you turning something in your hands and your tears running, and the kid on your stomach? He said: Yes, Gabriel (as) came to me and informed me that my nation (umma) will kill him. He brought me the sand on which he will be killed, which I was turning in my hands."

Sunni Ref:

al-Moejam al-Kabeer, al-Hafidh al-Tabarani, Subject of the martyr al-Hussain

A rite in the house of al-Sayyidah 'Aesha, Ummul Moemineen

Narrated Ali bin Mohammad, 'Uthman bin Muqsim, al-Muqbari, from 'Aesha said: "While the messenger of Allah (s) was laying down, al-Hussain came crawling towards him so I moved him away from him and I got up to do something. So he got close to him and he woke up crying. So I said: What makes you cry? He said that: Gabriel showed me the sand on which Hussain will be killed. The anger of Allah is great on whomever sheds his blood. He opened his hands, in which a grab of sand. He said: Oh, 'Aesha, by the One whom my soul is in His hands, it saddens me! Who is this from my nation (umma) who kills Hussain after I am gone?!"

All the men of the narration are documented as trusted.

Sunni Ref:

al-Taba'qat al-Kubra, Ibn Saad

A rite in a gathering of the companions

Mu'awiya bin Husham, Ali bin Salih, Yazeed bin abi Ziad, Ibraheem (bin Yazeed al-Nakhei), 'Alqama (bin Qays al-Nakhei), 'Abdullah bin Masoud said: "While we were at the (house of) messenger of Allah (s) , a group from Bani Hashim approached. When the prophet (s) saw them his eyes overflowed and his color changed. I said to him: We see something you hate in your face? He said: We are the people of the household (Ahlul Bayte) Allah has chosen for us the thereafter over this world and that the family of my household will encounter after me trials, dispersement and expulsion. Until a people come forward from the east, along with them black flags, they ask for justice but it is not offered. So they fight and strike and are then given what they asked for. They don't accept it until they push it forward to a man from my Ahlul Bayte. Then he fills it with justice as they filled it with injustice. Therefore, whomever lives to see that from among you should come to them, even if crawling on the snow."

All the men of narration are trustworthy, as recorded.

Sunni Ref:

al-Musannaf, al-Hafidh abu-Bakr bin abi Shaibah, v 12

al-Sunan al-Saheeh, Ibn Majeh, v 2, p 518, section of appearance of the Mahdi

al-Hafidh abu-Jaafar al-'Uqayli (with the addition: "We said: Oh, messenger of Allah - We are not happy to see in your face something you hate." )

al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v 4, p 464.

Akhbar Asbahan, by al-Hafidh abu Naeem al-Asbahani, v 2, p 12.

al-Moejam al-Kabeer, al-Tabarani, v 3.

A rite in Karbalaa by the father of the martyr, the Commander of Believers Ali (as)

Muhammad bin 'Ubaid, Sharhabeel bin Mudrik, Abdullah bin Naji: "his father walked with Ali (ra), when they reached Nainawa, the departure point to Siffien, Ali called: Be patient aba 'Abdullah! Be patient aba 'Abdullah at the river al-Furat (Euphrates)! I said: And what? He said: I entered on the messenger of Allah (s) one day and his eyes overflowing. I said: Oh, prophet of Allah! Anybody angered you? Why are your eyes overflowing (with tears)? He said: But Gabriel just left me and informed me: That al-Hussain will be killed at the river al-Furat (Shattul Furat). He said: Do you want me to show you from his sand? He said: I said yes. He extended his hand and grabbed and handful of dirt and gave it to me. So I could not help it, my eyes overflowed."

Sunni Ref:

al-Masnad, Ahmad bin Hanbal, v 2, pp 60-61.

Ibn Saad, Ali bin Muhammad, Yahya bin Zakariya, a man heard it from 'Amir al-Sha'bi say: "When Ali (as) passed by Karbalaa in his march to Siffien and lined up with Nainawa - a village on the Euphrates - he stopped and called one of them men: Tell aba 'Abdullah (al-Hussain ) what this land is called? He said: Karbalaa. Then he cried until the earth was wet from his tears. He then said: I entered on the messenger of Allah (s) and he was crying. So I said: What makes you cry? He said: Gabriel was with me, just now, and informed me: that my son al-Hussain will be killed at the banks of Furat in a location called Karbalaa. Then Gabriel grabbed a handful of dirt and let me smell it. So I could not help it, my eyes overflowed."

Sunni Ref:

al-Tabaqat, Ibn Saad

al-Musannaf, Ibn Abi Shaibeh, v12 (with "Patience aba 'Abdullah, patience aba 'Abdullah."

al-Moejam al-Kabeer, al-Tabarani, v 1

Tareekh al-Shamm, Ibn 'Asakir

Naysaboori quoted abu-Hazim and abu-Hurayra as saying: "I saw the Messenger carrying Hosein son of Ali and saying, "O Allah, I love him, so love him".

Hakim ascribed this Hadith to abu-Horayra: “The Prophet came out to us with Hasan and Hosein on his shoulders, kissing them alternatively until he came to the point where we were standing; a man then said, “O Messenger of God, do you love them? He replied, “Yes, whosoever loves them has loved me and whosoever hates them has hated me".

According to Bin-Abbas: "When the verse, {I do not ask of you a wage for this, except love for thekinsfolk} was revealed, people said, "O Messenger of God, who are those kinsfolk of yours whose love became an obligation upon us? He replied,"Ali, Fatima and their two sons".

According to Abu-Bakr: "I heard the Prophet (pbuh) saying from the pulpit looking at the crowd at a time and at Hasan, who was beside him, at another, "This son of mine is a master and perhaps through him Allah will set things right between two parties of Muslims".

Those who make fun of cying of mourning of prophets family are actually making fun of the prophet (pbuh&f).

My Allah curse those who angered prophet and his family (pbuh&f).

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^In the unaltered/original version probably. I highly doubt they exist today.

mahdi puya died a few decades ago if he found it then we can find it in other old copies of saheeh muslim or in ancient saheeh muslim manuscripts

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God says in Qur'an about Pharaoh and his army "neither the sky nor the earth wept for them and they were not given chance " (Ad-Dukhan).

Imam Muslim records in Tafsir of this Ayat, "When Husain was martyred, the Sky as well as the Earth wept on him and weepinq of the sky is its being red." (Sahih Muslim)

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Wouldn't it be better to serve God everyday and say 'Ya Allah' than 'ya Hussein'?

Serving God's Prophet (or representative in this case) is equivalent to serving God Himself because God's representative takes you to nowhere else except towards God (and no, this doesn't mean I worship anyone except God).

But please, let's not debate that on this thread because it will ruin the beauty of the video.

Edited by Replicant

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OK, thank you for your originality.


But more on topic. I remember watching this scene for the first time, I just teared up. Can only imagine what it would be like when our awaited Imam (atf) returns... Allahuma 3ajil liwalyek al faraj.

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Iubelo you are welcome to post your material on the Shia/Sunni forum. However, if you interrupt our "shirk-fest" on the other boards, you are likely to have your posts removed.

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Yes, when I was in Karbala I saw some of it happen but didn't know what was going on. I was on the other side of the hall and could see a crowd of people reciting something. I thought they were maybe doing a majlis or something.

Such a beautiful thing. [See video above]

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Allegiance to Imam Hussein isn't by leaving everything and giving up on everything, and dedicate ourselves in his Makam. We all wish we can, but there are more important ways to show allegiance to Imam Hussein, that actually benefit the use of why Imam Hussein is Imam Hussein, and why he became al Shaheed.

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2 hours ago, knowledgeseeker said:

Salaam Alaykum, 


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I have searched online and on al-islam.org, I am looking for anecdotes and stories from the life of Imam Hussein(as) before the event of Kerbala - in particular his kindness, generosity and humanity. I am planning to make a video to show the greatness of the character of the Imam. All I can find is related to 'Ashura.


Any help would be appreciated!





May Allah swt give you success and grant your wishes on this project INSHALLAH. I wish there something I could help you with.

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