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In the Name of God بسم الله

Can a man get divorced while his wife is pregnant?

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Alsalamu Alaykum

In accordance with Islamic rules, a man is allowed to divorce his wife even though she is pregnant. Another case which is important to express in this regard refers to the matter of her 'Iddah. sheikh zein al-din ameli says:   



"وعدة الحامل وضع الحمل أجمع کیف وقع إذا علم أنّه نشوء آدمیّ وإن کان علقة و وضعته بعد الطلاق بلحظة و لاعبرة بالنطفة فی غیر الوفاة"[1]

The termination of the seclusion of the pregnant divorced woman is the birth of her child or its miscarriage, although the child be born an hour after the divorce. Then, she can marry after that without delay. [2]

                         1. Al-rodhat Albahiat , vol 3 , p 374

           2. http://islamportal.net/book/summary-rulings            




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