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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Palestinians asked what they think of Shias.

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The enemies of muslims, and the ones who seek to cause discord in the ME, and ensure groups of people begin to quarrel with one another, and so, assisting these people in their geopolitical aims recognise the following:

1. A large element of support for the palestinian cause resistance relies on Iran, and the Lebanese resistance Group, as well as shia's the world over.

2. Granted, a number of palestinians brainwashed may loathe shias,  [and some due to shia practises but let us not get into this], enemies of Islam have thus, sought to exploit differences and use these to amplify and further division.

I urge you all to be awake to this plot. Look at the words of Sayed Hasan Nasrallah:


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I can't see the video, but I can say Shias are those who are like Imam Hassan , Hussain, Salman and Abu Dhar.

If any one is like them they are shias, the rest of us are wannabes.

So probably it was better to ask them, what they think about the personality of Imam Hassan, Hussein, Salman and Abudhar.

99% of us dont reflect the characteristics of the above mentioned so we cannot be considered Shias...

The title Shia has been used very casually by us... most probably we are shias of our own opinions, and very unlikely we are the Shias of ahlul bayt, as this title is very exclusive.

So neither the so called sunnis are following the sunnah of the prophet nor the so called shias following the ahlul bayt.

Most of us are following the sunnat of our own opinions.

I feel bad for all those who say and claim to be Shia  and sunni, as both are claiming a high position without the necessary deeds to reflect it...

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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum Brother EF,

I have seen this video almost two years ago when it came out.  First question you should ask, whoever is behind this video what is their agenda and what is their purpose of making a video like this.

I'm sure they want Shias to react negatively against the Palestinians.  But I'm not going to fall for the bait brother and you brother shouldn't fall for the hook, line and sinker.

I know Shia Palestinians.  I know Sunni Palestinians.  You should be watching videos like what Hajj @Abu Hadi showed of Sister Lauren Booth and her experience in Palestine.  Imam Hussain taught us to be with the oppressed whoever they may be.  Know your enemy.  My enemy is zionism.  Who is your enemy?

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah



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Some people even attributed statements about abandoning Palestine and focusing on Shia suffering to Sayyed Sistani, when he never made such a comment. Be careful of sources that a lot of information comes. The guy who took this video is an Israeli, he is pro-peace, but in order for you to be pro-peace you have to address the institutions that are contributing to the lack of peace, aka Zionism, a predicament many Israelis will not be comfortable with.

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3 hours ago, ElAhmed said:





Jewish Shiites......................

We were apparently founded by Abdullah ibn Saba', who cleverly managed to dupe all of the sahaba into fighting wars with each other as well as ideologically finding a way into inspiring generations upon generations to closely follow the Ahlulbayt asws, narrate from them and form an entire Madhab. 

If in doubt, blame Ibn Saba. Throughout history, if in doubt, society has always sought to blame the Jew.

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Not true at all anyone who says such just wants issues within the Muslims . Why don't you show the Palestine's who are for ? Literally I can go Iraq and find Iraqis talk bs about Shias I can go Iran and same story . 

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