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Is this Sunni right? Can some one explain?

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While i am glad he took a more respectful approach, he is essentially spreading what i would say is a [perhaps not deliberate] lie about shia islam. While i am glad he recognised that the dominant view is there is no tahreef, the way he introduced it make it seems as though we are debating that today. The reality is, the dominant view back then was of no tahreef [and yes, there were notable exceptions] , but the ijma today of our ulema is that there is absolutely no tahreef, and the minority who held such a belief hold a very incorrect one, and are to be reprimanded for it.

He claims we believe our Imams a.s have total knowledge of the unseen including when they day of judgement would be, and then claims shia apologists justified this by claiming they still rely on their knowledge from Allah azwj. However, what he does not know is that it is Kufr to claim anyone has the same level of knowledge as Allah azwj, Kufr to claim any of the Imams a.s or the Prophet s.a.w know when the last day is, and absolute kufr to claim that the only difference between the knowledge of Allah azwj and that of the Imams a.s is the knowledge of the last day.

We say that the imams of the ahlulbayt of Rasulullah s.a.w, first and foremost his closest companion, Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s inherited knowledge of the Sunnah from him, and this was divinely blessed. No doubt, the Holy Prophet s.a.w and his ahlulbayt [the chosen leaders ]asws possessed knowledge above any other mortal human. But the reality is, the knowledge of Allah azwj is infinite, whereas the knowledge of his mortal slaves is finite.

So, to make it clear, Allah azwj has infinitely more knowledge than the Imams a.s, who only had limited knowledge granted to them - which was still far superior than the rest of us.


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We even see Muhammed pbuh did not know who all of the Hypocrites were among him at one point:

Quran: " And among those around you of the bedouins are hypocrites, and [also] from the people of Madinah. They have become accustomed to hypocrisy. You, [O Muhammad], do not know them, [but] We know them. We will punish them twice [in this world]; then they will be returned to a great punishment."
The following narration is by our Imams a.s, it is not my translation and i have forgotten whose it was, by Nader Zaveri has deemed it Authentic as per our notable scholars.

حمدويه، قال حدثنا يعقوب، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن شعيب، عن أبي بصير، قال : قلت لأبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) إنهم يقولون قال و ما يقولون قلت يقولون تعلم قطر المطر و عدد النجوم و ورق الشجر و وزن ما في البحر و عدد التراب، فرفع يده إلى السماء، و قال سبحان الله سبحان الله لا و الله ما يعلم هذا إلا الله


532. Hamdawayh who said: narrated to us Ya’qub from Ibn Abi Umayr from Shuayb from Abi Basir who said: I said to Abi Abdillah عليه السلام – they do say, he said: and what do they say? I said: they say that you know the number of the drops in the rain, and the number of the stars, and the number of leaves in all the trees, and the weight of what is in the ocean, and the number of sand particles, so he عليه السلام raised his hand to the sky and said: praise be to Allah, praise be to Allah, no by Allah, no one knows this except for Allah.

Rijal Al-Kashi
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The following hadiths are taken from this source: http://realtashayyu.blogspot.be/2011/11/imams-and-knowledge-of-ghaib.html



A few other authentic hadiths. Look at how frightened our Imams a.s were and the tone of their voice:


ما رواه الكشي في (رجاله) في الحديث الصحيح عن ابن المغيرة قال كنت عند أبي الحسن (ع) أنا و يحيى بن عبد الله بن الحسن (ع) فقال يحيى جعلت فداك إنهم يزعمون أنك تعلم الغيب؟ فقال: سبحان الله سبحان الله ضع يدك على رأسي فو الله ما بقيت في جسدي شعرة و لا في رأسي إلا قامت قال ثم قال: لا و الله ما هي إلا وراثة عن رسول الله (ص

Shaikh Kashi reported (in his Rijal Kashi) in a sahih (authentic) hadith from ibn al Mughirah that he said: I was with abi al Hasan (as) along with Yahya b. Abdullah b. al Hasan, so Yahya said: "May we be your ransom, indeed they believe that you know ghaib (unseen)?" So Imam (as) said: "Glory be to Allah! Glory be to Allah! Place your hand on my head, for by Allah there does not remain a hair on my body or head but that it is standing up*." Imam (as) then continued: "No! By Allah (swt) it is not but inheritance from the Prophet (pbuh).*"
*Translator's note: The Imam (as) pointed out that the hair on his head and body are standing on its end to emphasize how frightened he felt by the deviant beliefs of the people that they believed the Imams (as) know ghaib.
The Imam (as) then clarified that the knowledge of the Imams is due to inheritance from the Prophet (pbuh), which includes certain prophecies about future events, but they do not know ghaib.
Shaikh Tabrisi wrote in Majma al Bayan, for the commentary of this verse (Surah al Hud Vrse 123) "And for Allah is the knowledge of ghaib of the skies and the earth": "We do not know of any Shia scholar who permits attributing the knowledge of ghaib to any of the makhlooq (creatures) for the only one who is worthy of being characterised by such an attribute is the one who possesses all knowledge without acquisition. And this is true only for Allah whose knowledge is eternal and He knows everything by Himself (without acquiring it from any source). None is a partner of Him in this attribute and whoever believes that anyone other than Allah knows ghaib then he is outside the fold of Islam. Now as for what has been narrated by the Shias and non Shias among the ahadith of Imam Ali where he mentions some events which would take place in the future, so all that knowledge is what he inherited from the Prophet who in turn was informed by Allah (about some limited future events). So those ahadith do not at all mean that the Imams have knowledge of ghaib.
Allama Baqir Majlisi wrote in Biharul Anwar (Volume 7 Page 318) quoting from Shaikh Mufid's book Masail al Akbariah: "And it is certainly possible according to me (Shaikh Mufid) that the inner reality of an affair maybe hidden from the Imam, so he may then issue his ruling on it as per the dhahir (the apparent) while it may be contrary to the actual reality in the knowledge of Al

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37 minutes ago, Arad Etemad said:


is he right can someone debate him?

he was very respectful tho



When I see a "copy and paste" beards like this guy, I stay away from them because I know they are Wahabi/Salafi. They are not Sunnies, the are dressed as Sunnis because if they call themselves Wahabis or Salafis nobody would watch their videos. I can have my opinion about you too with all your weird questions but I am not allowed since we don't have a freedom of  speech here on this forum. I do want to give you a sincere advice, this is your opportunity to learn the truth about Islam, you don't know when death will take you out of this life...its not too late. Wahabism was created by the Brits in the 1800s  to counter real Islam, just look at all the terrorists....they are all  Wahabis/Salafis. A person who calls himself a Muslim can never kill another human being, no matter what religion he believes in. Wahabis/Salafis go against every principle of Islam. Wahabism was created to defeat Muslims from within since they know they can not defeat Islam. Just look at it this way, if Wahabism was on the right path, how come Saudi Arabia goes to poor Islamic countries and pay people to become Wahabis, for example...they pay men 100 dollars a month to grow untrimmed beard, the longer the more money...and give women 100 dollars a month for wearing Hijab.....depends on what country they live in. In Kosovo/Albania its 400 Euros a month. The ball is in your court, decide before its too late.


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Shias have won d debates for centuries now and dey dont need to. 

The need of the hour is to practice the ways of our imams a.s. rather than enjoying the victorious debates.


In d past whenever the new messenger came his followers started thinking about victories and positions, same happened wd our beloved.

People rushed towards positions as He saww left leaving the religion and enjoying its victory.


Whole world, if not whole that many nations know that shias are being killed by sunnis for generations, what more is needed to prove em?


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