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Waalaekum assalam warahmatullah e wbarakatuh :)

I have been using MOOCS since past 1 and a half year. I'm pursuing a Btech from Tier-2 college in India. Firstly I planned to learn Programming since my stream is CSE, I enrolled in edX's Intro to Computer Sc which is offered from Harvard University. I was in middle of it that I lost interest of it and soon my area of interest drifted to Business Analytics which requires deep Business Insights (Marketing, Management, Statistics, Operations, Finance etc) and Data Science which requires knowledge of some Query based Programming Language (Which if you want you can learn but you can skip this part too) and you should be into Tech to be a Business Analyst.

A business analyst is someone who-



 1.  analyzes an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and


2.  documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. ... The technology solutions can be the use of technology architecture, tools, or software application.

So Now I'm in a run to do some 13-14 *Coursera* courses and some from edX.

I have a complete list and order in which I'll do the course.

List goes as follows -




Analytics ( statistics, excel, data analysis, data visualization, vba )                            

(a) Statistics for Business – I (5 weeks) Basic algebra and calculus.                                               
(b) Statistics for Business - II (7 weeks) 
(c) Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (20 hours)                                                        
(d) Career Edge: Analytical Problem Solving and Design Thinking (4 weeks)

1. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel  - (4 weeks) You don’t need any previous knowledge of Excel.           

2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel  - (6 weeks)                                                            
3. Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX()        - (8 weeks)                                                            
4. Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design - (6 weeks)

***5. Introduction to Excel VBA Programming - (10 weeks)

6. Interpreting and Communicating Data Insights in Business (4weeks)

7.  Business Writing (coursera).

8. How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC (7 weeks) (coursera)

9. High-Impact Business Writing (coursera)

***10. Business Analytics Specialization (coursera) {Do each course separately without Certificate}. {Certificate costs 30k}.

11. Foundations of strategic business analytics (coursera)

12. Foundations of marketing analytics (coursera)

Marketing ( Customer/client experience, dealing with customers/clients, product decisions, digital marketing, sales and distributions, regression and conjoint 
           analysis, market research techniques )

1. Introduction to Marketing (6 weeks) No prior exp. 

2. Introduction to Marketing (coursera).

3. Digital Branding and Engagement (4 weeks) No prior exp.

****4. Digital Marketing Specialization (coursera)

5. Marketing Analytics: Products, Distribution and Sales (4 weeks)

6. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques (6 weeks) Basic maths.

7. Introduction to Financial Accounting (coursera).

8. Introduction to Operations Management (coursera).

9. Introduction to Corporate Finance (coursera).

Communication & Presenation

1. Career Edge: Communication and Teamwork (4 weeks) 

2. English at Work in Asia: Job Applications, CVs and Cover Letters (5 weeks)

3. English at Work in Asia: Preparing for a Job Interview (4 weeks)

4. Successful Presentation (coursera)

Content Writing & Marketing-

1. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization (coursera).

2. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content (coursera- 4 weeks).



1. The Challenges of Global Poverty (12 weeks 6-7 hours per week).

2. AP® Macroeconomics (18 weeks)

3. Data Analysis for Social Scientists (12 weeks)




I'll be auditing the course and doing them for free. And I'll try to wrap up the courses as fast as possible. An example of this is I did 4 weeks of coursework in just 5 days of "Introduction to Marketing" edx from University of British Columbia.

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