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Alireza Huseini

Does God forgive all sins, or it has criteria?

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Allah states in the Quran:

“Say [that Allah declares,] ‘O My servants who have committed excesses against their own souls, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed Allah will forgive all sins. Indeed, He is the All-forgiving, the All-merciful.”[39,53]

The above verses will keep open the doors of return and forgiveness to all the sinners. This is because God's intention and will is to guide and train, and not to take vengeance.

Here a general amnesty has been declared by the Merciful, for those who are willing to return to their Merciful God and amend their deeds. If the sinner is willing to give an end to his sinning and begin to amend his deeds, the doors are not closed and Allah will forgive him all his past sins:-

``Say:- O, My servants who have been extravagant against yourselves! Do not despair of Allah's Mercy, that Allah forgives all the sins, because He is All-forgiving Compassionate.''

Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) has said:- ``There is no verse in the Qurän more extensive than this.''

In this verse ``My servants'' implies God's Mercy and Grace. Calling the servants extravagant, instead of calling them sinners, and oppressors, is another favour of God. The word, ``YOURSELVES'' implies that the evil consequences of our sins will return to ourselves.

And the phrase, ``Don't despair of Allah's Mercy'' means that God's Forgiveness is far from falling to despair, because His Mercy has no limit.

No one should ever abandon himself to despair, because God's Mercy and Forgiveness is in His very Essence and Existence, and therefore it has no limit.

Then repent and return to your Lord and let it not be too late, by standing out of a sudden before the seat of Judgement. Don't lose the opportunity in which you can repent and amend your deeds, and that God may forgive you all your sins.

Contrary to the commentator, “ÄLUSI'' we are of opinion that this General Amnesty of God is not without a condition. Such conditions are found in the following verses, saying:-

``And return to your Lord and submit to him, before a torment comes upon you while no one can help you.''

Here God wants His servants to cease sinning and to return and submit to Him with all the Kindness that our Lord has in His nature.

So we must not continue with our sinning shamelessly until death catches our neck and we have no way to return. When the court of Final Judgement of God is established there will be no chance for return or amendment.

There when we look at our short comings before the seat of God's justice, sighs and sorrows will assail us, when we remember that we were able to do a lot, but we didn't do the least.

We also should know here that, faith alone is not enough to bring us salvation. Faith accompanied with righteous deeds is the proper vehicle, that can take us to prosperity and a good end. Therefore a faithful man of God must be up and doingِdoing righteous deeds. In that court of justice excuses are rejected because the necessary warnings and guidances have been conveyed to us clearly in our Divine Books.

Ref: http://makarem.ir/quran/?lid=1&view=1#2:1

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On 2016-11-04 at 2:38 PM, Who_Am_I said:

Salam Alaikum.... yes he can forgive all sins except shirk. But you know istaghfar is very difficult as imam ali a.s said ..... istaghfar is the level of elieeeens


Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful." surah Az-Zumar [39:54] 

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Allah swt his forgiveness is infinite, we should not doubt for a second that Allah swt will forgive all his creation. That is why there is 7 levels of Heaven and Hell, It is said that there will come a time when the fires of hell will be shut down. 

Humans should learn to forgive one another, how do we expect to look to Allah swt for forgiveness when we do not forgive our brothers and sisters in humanity. 

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The fires of hell being said it will shut down is nothing but made up things from Sufis.

The Quran is very clear people who desire the dunya will ONLY have fire in the next, nothing else, nothing before, nothing after. That is their perpetual state forever.

The nature of the trial of faith and disbelief, love and hate of God and his beloved chosen ones, is that it brings you either to the side where you are despised and hated by God or loved by God.

As for those who have no means to faith (without power to acquire faith), they are tried with other signs like the signs in themselves, God's light, reason, etc... yes people who haven't been given chance to study Quran because of unjust government in their area not giving them access to it, it cannot be expected they acknowledge Quran. 

The same is not true of people who have access but are too lazy to research because of love dunya.

Love of Dunya which is the root description of Shirk and it's essence, and it's heart, just as Islam's heart is  love of the family of Mohammad and that it is it's essence, as for love of Dunya it is never forgivable in anyone in any place. No one who loves God can love Satanic eyes and greed, and no one who loves Satanic eyes and greed and unclean desires can sincerely truly appreciate and love God.

They don't go together. 

The type of warning required for God to punish, the punishment in that context refers to destroying nations. That is why the message of Islam must spread all over the world before the trial of the Qaim to the world, the message must be thoroughly and accurately taught.

Imam Mahdi is a trial to the world like all Prophets were trials. We can hasten the time, or the written time for humanity can come, in which they will be tried by his trial. We hope to hasten the time as that would mean the revolution is not forced and God hastened the time because people were ready.

Let us hope we prepare the world for the Mahdi before the written time for humanity comes in which there is no delay. Then it maybe the Mahdi although a mercy to believers, will be a source of punishment for majority of humanity.


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On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 0:23 AM, Who_Am_I said:

Yes i told u that he has the ability to forgive all the sins except shirk.

The word "Jamian" in this verse indicates "ALL sins including the shirk" . Assume, if a mushrik, seeks the forgiveness of his Lord, are the doors of forgiveness closed for him? No definitely not.

"Innallaha yaghfir-uddhunooba jamian" (Surely Allah forgives the faults altogether), why? Because "HE is the Forgiving & Merciful".

He is not like us, who although forgives the faults of others but when the same person commit any mistake afterwards, it reminds us his previous faults again. This is not the case with Allah's forgiveness, He has used the word "YUKAFFIR" for showing how He forgives!

"And whoever is careful of (his duty to) Allah, He will remove from him his evil and give him a big reward."


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Shirk is not a sin it is a structural fault. You can not build anything if base is wrong. For example if you want to build a house and you make the base of sand then it is not possible to build a house on it. 

In the Greatest Book it is written that I will forgive all the sins except shirk. so if you analyze the verse of yaghfiruzunooba jamia ... then how quran verses can conflict ? 

You wrote  The word "Jamian" in this verse indicates "ALL sins including the shirk"

I strongly disagree with your interpretation. Because it is your own thinking. Always try to look the logic behind the verses 

Verily ! Allah will not pardon those who associate a partner with Him. Apart from him, He will pardon all others . Who ascribe partners to Allah has gone far astray.

Surah No. 16, Al Nahl, Ayat No. 20 & 21

Those whom they call besides Allah have not created anything and they themselves are created.

They are dead, lifeless: nor do they know when they will be raised up.

Surah No. 16, Al Nahl, Ayat No. 51


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5 hours ago, Who_Am_I said:

Shirk is not a sin it is a structural fault. You can not build anything if base is wrong. For example if you want to build a house and you make the base of sand then it is not possible to build a house on it. 

So according to your views if a hindu or Christian converts to Muslim, Allah is not going to pardon his faults?

Assuming or believing a triune nature of god is shirk. So all those Christians who accepted Islam as true religion & died in the state of Muslim will get punishment in hereafter because they have commited shirk somewhere in their lives?

I think this understanding is faulty itself. The verses 16:20-21 & 16:51 does not conflict in anyway with 39:53

The doors of forgiveness remain open till the approach of death or appointed term known as ajalin musamma. Allah will surely never forgive those who die at the state of being mushrik. 

The verse 39:53 is a call of Allah for all HIS Abds. If one becomes HIS true Abd well before death, I am very hopefull of his forgiveness. This verse itself confirming LA TAQNATU MIN REHMATILLAH, Your understanding makes it "TAQNATU MIN REHMATILLAH" (Na'oozubillah).

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He is the King, Innallahu ala kulle shayen qadeer. We cannot encircle His mercy, we cannot reduce or limit His mercy. 

May I know what is your understanding of shirk? Some times people mixup Kufr with shirk.




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When one converted to islam and repent then he will be forgiven. And aĺl the sins will not be questionable. 

You know that many people converted to islam in the era of Muhammad saw and get the highest rank in islam like abuzar. 

You should be clear in making questions so that one can gave u right answer.

But if some  one is mushrik and die on same then he will not forgiven.

And read dua al kumail which is great in understanding the things like forgivness. 

I am sorry if i did not understand your question



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