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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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S. Shuja

What are the major challenges of today's world?

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What are the major challenges in contemporary world?

There are huge challenges and crises in contemporary world plenty in number and abundant in gender. The whole world population suffer the following severe conditions including crippling poverty, widespread unemployment, political instability, economic crisis, cultural abnormality, moral indecencies, cyber attacks, state-sponsored terrorism and imperialism.

The widespread unemployment brought about mass poverty. It is one of the most important factors we witness brain drain in many developing and underdeveloped countries. As such, it can be termed as the root cause of other evils too.

In politics, several states and countries suffer political instabilities stemming either from their strong internal rivals or their neighbors’ redundant destructive interferences. Moreover, nepotism, racism and terrorism in global scales have become as epidemic diseases making the human beings extremely exhausted of their daily struggles in winning bread and a decent life.

In the economic field, we bear witness to mass economic corruption such as theft, blackmailing, embezzlement, money laundering, phishing and .… Most of them mainly and unfortunately trace back to the officials of state, gigantic firms and monetary institutions. The very facts made it difficult to expect a better life in the contemporary world.

In respect with the cultural abnormalities, we face various life-threatening dangers in our lifestyles. The people seem to be reducing their righteous cultural values to cultic-geographical ones and thus are reluctant to take care of them. Even they are willing to change their righteous customs with the modern wrong habits. It is as if the criterion of ‘right versus wrong’ is replaced with another criterion ‘old versus new’. Based on such a criterion, the precious righteous cultural heritages which are rooted either in the solid experiences or correct beliefs, seem to lose their validity and are on the verge of being replaced by the new abnormal behaviors.

Ethical abnormalities are on the rise. Since, ethic is based on some other premises and foundations, when the foundations collapse, then no room is be left for ethical codes. To today's human, everything seems to be relative and bound to time and space.

The problems such as cyber attacks, state-sponsored terrorism and imperialism will be dealt with later and in another separate post.


May, Allah Bless us All to have decent lifestyle.

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