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In the Name of God بسم الله

Shaykh AbdulGhani on homosexuality silencing

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I think Sheik Abdul Ghani is taking the right approach. I think every sheik should mention this ruling regarding homosexuality in every lecture. They can cut and paste a few clips in order to skew the words and release them. But if they are forced to do this hundreds or thousands of time, eventually, 

A) It will become old news and the people will stop listening to it or 

B) They will realize that the Zionists, the Takfiris and their agents are deliberately cutting and pasting speeches of Shia alims in order to skew the meanings. Then maybe they will begin to wake up and see who their real enemies are (and who their real friends are). 

May Allah(s.w.a) protect Sheik Abdul Ghani. I know him personally and I can tell you that he is as dedicated and sincere as we have. And may Allah(s.w.a) strengthen and protect Sheik Hamza Sodogar. 

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Guest silasun

It ought to be clarified that Sheikh Shomali is with absolute certainty a very well qualified and noble Shia scholar. We need to remember that the posters for the event featured his and Sheikh Sodagar's faces- from Agha Shomali's view (who is very much involved in interfaith work) it could have had very dangerous consequences for Shias.

I think it is important that we support Sheikh Sodagar but do not lose the big picture of two groups of honourable brothers- in the same line- working qurbatan il Allah.

What is a lesson to learn is that there are snakes in the community who have tried to drive us apart from each other. It isn't a case of "newspaper finds random video".

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Do we hide our fiqh - or hide our books, or remove our scholars who are expressing themselves, in order to please those with whom we are doing interfaith work?

Shi'as are not a tribe - the only thing that makes us Shi'as is our fidelity to Islam - that's it nothing else. We lose our fidelity to Islam - we are then no longer Shi'as - we maybe Iranians, Khojas, Punjabis, East Africans, Iraqis, North Americans, South Americans - but without Islam we are not Shi'a.  So, what does it mean that there could be "very dangerous consequences for Shi'as" ? In what sense? Now, we can do taqiya - is that what is being proposed? If not then what is the "big picture" I don't quite understand. Because the "big picture" ultimately is Islam. 

Now, having said that, I understand that there maybe some in the ulema who may have arrived at a different fiqh position - and that there position should include that scholars should not even express what is the position of scholars of the past. Is that the case? If that is indeed the case - fine and well - but that needs to be clarified, like look, I have a different position, this is my Islamic center... and therefore... But that does not appear to be the case. 

So, then what is the reason? It is this that Sheikh Abdulghani is expressing concern about - how far are we bending to please others in the social realm - and is this the correct position to take, and what about the long term repercussions? 


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Guest silasun

I feel very sorry that the community (as a whole) in England was so weak and without ANY form of zeal about their religion that Sheikh Sodagar was removed.

We believe in part of the book but forget the other part. We like the part of "our religion" that allows us to take part in "cool" rituals, yet when it comes to acting on our obligations of amr bil maroof and nahi an al munkar or tawalla and tabarri we shoot the mumineen in the foot and lick the shoes of the Kuffar.

As a side note, if you visit the Islamic Pulse facebook page then there are many, many more likes for these videos.

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Came across this from another brother


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In order to clarify any misconceptions regarding anything attributed to Ayatollah Araki, it is hereby announced that it is upon the momeneen to refer to Hujatul Islam Wal Muslemeen Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali, the respected representative of the grand leader Ayatollah Khamenei (ha) in their affairs.
The office of Ayatollah Araki 
12 Muharram 1438
14 October 2016


so with all due respect we need to have more trust in the leadership and their representatives. Thank Allah(swt) that in Shia madhab ordinary sheiks cannot/do not give fatwas or hukms. We have to be patient/sabr for the direction of the Marja. Please note that sincerity of any person is not being doubted here. Wrong methods are graver than the wrong itself. 

  Imam Husayn (a): Do not speak about what does not concern you, because I am worried that it may lead to bearing burden of sins  And do no speak about what concerns you unless you find a suitable platform; otherwise there have been many speakers who told the truth, but were blamed.

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Guest silasun

Letter from Sheikh Hamza (ha):

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

To Samir Al-Haydari and other members of AIM;
To the brothers and sisters in Lyf London ;
To Dr. Yavuz Özoguz and all the brothers and sisters in his team;
To the AOF and other organizations in Dearborn;
To Muslim Congress my brothers in the BOT and other members;
To all brothers and sisters worldwide who joined the campaign in support of the Islamic Identity as prescribed by God
And finally to those who don't share our religion but joined because of the human values we share,

Salaam Alaikum,

I pray that Allah accept all your efforts. I praise God for showing me, once again but in an unprecedented way, that the numbers of the believers devoted to the truth and willing to stand and sacrifice for it are far more numerous than we think. 
It was truly a blessing to see how brothers and sisters realized this has nothing to do with this humble servant, but everything to do with Islam and defending this blessed religion against those who intend to harm it. It was a blessing to see how those sincere emotions reveal themselves in so many different ways. It reminded me of the footage I've seen of the days of the Islamic Revolution and the beautiful expressions of love and support of the truth. 
I was impressed by the insight of so many believers who realized this is not a movement against any Muslim, let alone the Representative of our beloved leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei. You realized this was about the enemies of Islam who attacked not this humble servant but they attacked Islam. I was simply like the worthless piece of cloth in a flag that owes all its significance to what it represents. 
May God accept all your efforts and help us all serve our beloved Imam (may Allah hasten his return)
Lastly, as the enemies of Islam have suffered a severe defeat, they struggle to may up for part of that loss by making this into a point of conflict in the community. 
We announce to the world and to our dear brother Dr. Shaykh Shomali, that as our beloved prophet peace be upon him said, we are one hand against those who try to harm us.

Wa al-Salaam

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Letter of Appreciation from the Office Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei to the Head of the Islamic Centre of England

Date: 16th October 2016

The Honourable Hujjat Al-Islam Wa Al-Muslemeen Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Ali Shomali

The Respected Representative of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei and the Head of the Islamic Centre of England – London

Salamun Alaikom

Respectfully, we pray that your devotions in worship and mourning for the Master of Martyrs Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, is accepted.

We would like to extend our thanks to your Excellency for your unreserved efforts and valued accomplishments in running and managing the [Muharram] program admirably.

We ask God Almighty to bestow upon you health, prosperity and further success in the dissemination of the knowledge of Qur'an and Ahlulbait.

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