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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What to eat and what not to eat?

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I live in US and i used to eat pretty much all kind of chips and candies and jellos. Now, i try to avoid gelatin and all the products which could have any enzymes or fats derived from animal. For instance, I can't eat all the tasty chips and candies because they enzymes or gelatin in them or they don't have U sign on the packing. Many cosmetic products use animal fat and i don't know what type or animal they are using. Also, many vitamins have gelatin in them. 

For now i am trying to follow these rules i got from muslim consumer group website

  1. The word " Vegetable" is mentioned before or in parenthesis for fat based ingredients statement of a food product; for example vegetable Mono and Diglyceride.
  2. If a Halal symbol such as "H" in triangle or kosher symbol such as U, UD, V, CRC, KMH, COR, K or KD appear on the package (without wine, alcohol, all types of gelatin, L-Cysteine from human hair), it means that the fat based ingredient is obtained from vegetable fat.
  3. Inquiry with the food manufacturer is another way of identifying them. The purpose is to verify that the ingredients are Halal or kosher certified and also to inquire about any haram processing aid ingredients which are not mentioned in the ingredients list. Sometimes manufacturer uses Halal or kosher certified ingredients without finished product being Halal or kosher certified, breads and buns are the best example. Some manufacturer have Halal or kosher certified products but prefer not to have Halal or kosher symbol on their products.



But i would like to know what is ruling of shia marjas on this issue????



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According to Ay. Sistani, when it comes to food, you do not have to investigate to find out whether there is something najis/haram in it UNLESS there is meat, fat or their derivatives. So, unless there is one of these, you can assume it is halal and tahir.

Plus, most ingredients can be from vegetable or animal origin. So most of the time you don't even know if there is a meat or animal fat derivate.

Some marjahs say that even gelatine is halal because there is chemical transformation (which is one of the mutahirrat). But check what your marjah says about that issue. 

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