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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Sajjad, Sajjad, where's your sister?

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Sajjad, Sajjad, where's your sister?
Get up, get up; look for her
Night has ended this long day
I don't know where she has strayed

Aun and Muhammad were sacrificed
Didn't shed a tear as they gave their lives
Now my tears are streaming
Where are you? Sakina's missing

How many times did she scream?
Ya Rabb, would it were a dream
Shook and shivered from what she saw
How will she go on, if at all?

Sajjad, maybe she'll hear you call
Hurry hurry now, don't you stall
Shimr mal'oun lurks nearby
You must find her; you must try

She lost her loved ones one by one
Saw them all leave her after dawn
She rubed her eyes in disbelief
Too little to bear so much grief

She hugged herself and rocket to sleep
Dreaming of her baba's sweet
Embrace. Those same arms shackled like a slave
Her dear father now lay slain

Earrings a gift from her father
Torn from her ears, stolen by Shimr
Her hurting ears shredded like her heart
O for those earrings Sakina mourned

She desperately grabbed the horse's legs
Pleaded and begged as the animal neighed
Please don't take my father away
Please don't take my father away

Her her crying for her Abbas
As his limp body slides from his horse
His holy banner slipped from his side
Abbas has fallen; Abbas has died

Ran her fingers through her father's beard
As he wiped away her little tears
Kissed and cuddled her as best he could
Sakina's gone now for good

Why have all her brothers gone to sleep?
Sakina falls; hear her weep
Akbar, Qassim, Abbas -- where are you?
Tell me, tell me what to do

Don't look as Shimr cuts off his head
The desert sands now run red
They loot his body all at once
O, Sakina, your father's gone

Sajjad Zaynab fear not, can't you hear
I am here, and father's near
"Come to me" did my father call
Can't you hear him too? Where are you all?
Can't you hear him too? Where are you all?

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