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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Shias banned in Nigeria

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Nigerian state bans main Shia group led by Zakzaky

Back in April, UK-based rights group Amnesty International published evidence revealing how the Nigerian military BURNED PEOPLE ALIVE, razed buildings and secretly dumped victims’ bodies in mass graves in the December 2015 deadly assaults.

“The true horror of what happened over those two days in Zaria is only now coming to light. Bodies were left littered in the streets and piled outside the mortuary. Some of the injured were burned alive,” said Netsanet Belay, Amnesty International’s Research and Advocacy Director for Africa.






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8,000 children recruited by Boko Haram: UN


July 9, 2019 - 4:57 PM News Code : 959306 Source : AnadoluLink: 

8,000 children recruited by Boko Haram: UN


At least 8,000 children have been recruited by the Boko Haram terrorist movement across the Lake Chad region in Central Africa since it launched its violent campaign in 2009, the UN said in a statement on Monday. 

Sylvester Tunde Atere, national project officer of the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), said in a statement that the children were used by the group in combatant and noncombatant roles. 

"Recruitment and exploitation have a long-lasting impact on children’s lives," the statement said. 

"Today, rehabilitating and reintegrating these children pose significant challenges, not only in view of their number, but also due to the intense and lasting traumatic effects," it added. 

The UNODC accused Daesh-affiliated Boko Haram of raping or forcing teenage girls into marriage. 

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@Ashvazdanghe The Wahhabi cancer is well spread. Some countries now start to take action against the Saudi influence in their country, when there is already many infected with the Wahhabi disease. Of course, all this happened in the US/Western sight. 



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