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In the Name of God بسم الله

to believe in Imam Mahdi (A.S) in religions

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Salam Alaykum dear brothers/sisters

I would like to share with you some information about believing in Imam Mahdi in religions:

Futurism, which is to believe that a great divine savior will come, is a fixed and a prevalent belief that has been always with all nations throughout the world. It means to believe in a bright future that will put an end to distress and worries and to believe that due to emergence of a distinct and divine person, all sort of darkness will be erased from the face of the world and the base of oppression, negligence and degradation will be uprooted.

In religious texts, there are some names and titles given to such a savior. Some of them are as follows:

In Judaism he is called "M'ashih".

In Christianity he is called "Messiah"

In Zoroastrianism he is called "Svshyans"

In Hinduism he is called "Vishnu", or "Klky"

In Buddhism he is called "Maitreya, the fifth Buddha "

And, in Islam he is called "Mahdi" and "Qa'em"

It is understood from the history of the nations that to believe in the emergence of a potent, divine leader and a promised reformer at the end of this world, has been always a very fixed belief among all nations and all the followers of divine religions. This belief is so profound that people in their ups and downs used to always release themselves from hopelessness and disappointment through reminding themselves about the emergence of such a savior and they used to look forward to see him coming at a time.

Here it should be noted that, what is understood from referring to this Savior in various religions is that each of them

Believe in a single savior that will take the control of the world and will bring it into justice and tranquility. They do not believe in many different saviors and do not say that there is a savior among the Jews, one among the Christians, one in Islam, and so on and so forth.

As a result, there are two facts:

Firstly, to believe in a savior should be true belief since we see that all of the religions talk about it and it is impossible to say all of them are mistaken and say something wrong.

Secondly, when again we see that all of them talk about a single savior there should be just a single one not many saviors.



The conclusion is that, there is just one Savior, but every religion talks about him with a special name and traits and all point to a same man. The savior in Islam is the exact one that is the savior in Judaism and Christianity. But some of these religions mistakenly matched it with another man that is not in reality the Promised Savior.

He is not the Lord and is not Jesus. He is al-Mahdi that is descended from the final prophet (Muhammad).

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