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Ya_isa (as)

U.S doesn't call for ceasefire in Yemen.....

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The horrors of Yemen’s civil war have been encapsulated by photographs showing a toddler suffering from severe malnutrition. UNICEF estimates that 320,000 children are facing starvation, while over two million youngsters need urgent assistance.

Here is full article: 



ironic that hat the same U.S government who's crying we need ceasefire for aid relief for the people of Aleppo ( arming the terrorist really) doesn't seem to care that the Saudi regime is dropping cluster bombs on schools and water wells and hospitals !!! Hypocrites 


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Of course we all know and it is common knowledge these days that the bankrupt USA needs wars and blood to run its fake economy...... I wish we could do something to raise more awareness about the war in Yemen.... and the atrocities being committed by the Saudis/UK/US

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