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Convincing Someone to Visit ShiaChat

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Here's a mental exercise. 

Imagine you have a friend, could be Shia, Sunni, non-Muslim, etc, and you wanted them to know more about Shia Islam and Shia Muslim issues by visiting this site. Would you recommend ShiaChat to them? And if so, what would you say to convince them this place is worth the visit? What would your main selling points be?

Also...a side question. If they wanted to know your account name so they can read your posts, would you feel eager or hesitant?

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I personally would not specifically recommend Shiachat to "learn about Shia Islam seriously."

I would refer them to read the Quran, try to learn Arabic Grammer , read Al-Kafi, Nahjul Fasahah, Nahjul Balaghah, and give them some great links with Islamic content such as al-Islam and the likes, and some YouTube links maybe.

Basically refer them to the words of Ahlul bayt as their true role model of knowledge and akhlaq of Shia.

If they feel lonely, like to socialize, make online friends, or see different point of views within the layman community,have a discussion, then I may refer Shiachat.

As the name speaks for itself, it is mainly an exchange of views in a chat way mainly.

So I don't find the need to convince anyone but just suggest it to them , if they ask, that they would like to befriend/ chat online / discuss various topics from various views.

They can have my account name.

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Plenty of my non-Muslim friends and family know about shiachat, but none of them come here. If they've looked at all, they never told me about it. I talked my son into checking the site out. He made a few posts, then never came back. 

I believe @Qa'im has the best method for introducing newcomers. If some subject of conversation is also discussed here, mention it, then the person will go or stay. 

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I recently told someone that if they are someone who likes to read comments on things like videos and articles, they will like shiachat. But if they don't, it might not be for them. It is more of a place to find out different people's views on things than to seriously learn more about shia islam. Learning new things is a bonus. But if you come here specifically to learn... it's not the best source.  (Though I have recommended it to people for that in the past :liar:)

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