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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Shahadat e salisa

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As a student of religion and jurisprudence, I request all my Pakistani and Indian brothers to read carefully the Resalahs (Manuals of Islamic Laws) authored by religious authorities such as Grand Ayatollah Khamenei and Grand Ayatollah Sistani. None of the prominent religious authorities has ever allowed the recitation of the third testimony in Tashahhud. Grand Ayatollah Sistani, for example, says, "You must not recite third testimony (Ashhadu anna alian waliullah) in prayers, as an obligatory precaution. You should perform your Tashahhud in the same way as prescribed by a qualified Mujtahid in his book of Islamic Laws." [See Q & A on www.sistani.org]

Read late Imam Khomeini's book of Islamic Laws (Resalah) and you will find nothing as to indicate that reciting the third testimony in Tashahhud is permissible. It should be noted that we do not have the right to add anything to the prayers despite that thing being very much true or even a basic part of our religious beliefs. The shape and form prayers should remain intact and must not be tampered with. If someone knowingly adds to the prayer what is not a part of the prayer, his prayer becomes void.

Unfortunately, the contention and debate concerning the third testimony has caused disunity among Shia communities in Pakistan and India with some laymen trying to somehow influence Shia clerics by putting pressure on them to recite the third testimony in prayers. Some have given in to the pressure. 

Why aren't other Shiites around the world disputing over the third testimony? That is simply because they are acting upon the verdicts of prominent religious authorities.

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It is Mustahab to recite ashhadu anna alian waliullah in Adhan and Iqamah but it is not a part of either Adhan or Iqama. You should note that you cannot recite the third testimony as a part of Adhan and Iqamah, otherwise it is not permissible. There are some religious authorities who do not recite the third testimony in either Adhan and Iqamah. One of those scholars is Ayatollah Shubairi Zanjani who is leading congregational prayers in the shrine of Bibi Ma'sumah in the holy city of Qom.

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