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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Washing urine once or twice ?

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As salamu aleikoum,

I know it seem funny to ask a question about something as "silly" as washing urine but I really wonder if urine has to be washed once or twice when using kurr water. That is because of two reasons :

1) I believe that there are contradictions in Ay. Sistani's website about this matter (see the references below). At the very least, I believe it is not very clear ;

2) Most of people don't even wash urine twice after urinating (they just wash it once and use their hand) or after being splashed with urine (they put the najis part under the tap once). Therefore, would it mean that they are all najis ?

Here is why I think that there are contradictions in Ay. Sistani's rulings. 

First, let's look at these 5 rulings :



If one wants to purify such a clothes with pure water which is connected to a kurr source [e.g., under the water tap or by using a hose pipe], even then it is necessary to wash them twice. Similarly, it is necessary to wash the body twice -even when washed in kurr water- while purifying if it has become najis because of urine.



Similarly, [you can pray in] the impure clothes [that were washed in the public laundry machines] provided that you are reassured: that the impure element, if any, has been washed away; that the pure water covered the entire impure area twice (if it had become impure by urine and even if the water was connected to kurr source as an obligatory precaution) or just once (if it had become impure by other elements)



A najis thing becomes Pak if rain water falls on it once, provided that it does not contain an essential najasat, except in the cases of clothes and body which have become najis because of urine, for they become Pak after being washed twice, as p er precaution.



If a najis thing is immersed once in Kurr or running water, in such a way that water reaches all its najis parts, it becomes Pak. And in the case of a carpet or dress, it is not necessary to squeeze or wring or press it. And when body or dress is najis because of urine, it must be washed twice even in Kurr water.



When a thing which has become najis with urine, is to be made Pak with water less than Kurr, it should be poured once, and as water flows off eliminating all the traces of urine, the thing will become Pak. But if dress or body has become najis be cause of urine, it must be washed twice so that it is Pak. When a cloth or a carpet and similar things are made Pak with water which is less than Kurr, it must be wrung, or squeezed, till the water remaining in it runs out.



We can clearly see that it is stated that if the body or the dress is najis with urine, it must be washed twice, be it with kurr, under-kurr water or rain water (it seems that things have a different ruling).

This is an obligatory precaution. Therefore, the follower is allowed to act on the fatwa of another mutjahid (http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2116/) ---> Does anyone know a mutjahid who says that it is enough to wash urine once in kurr water ? 

Now, let's see where the "contradiction" is, according to me :


The urinary organ cannot be made Pak without water. If one uses kurr or running water, then washing the organ once will suffice, after removal of essential najasat. But, if one uses under-kurr water, then recommended precaution is to wash it twice , better still, three times.

http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2123/ (this ruling is in the chapter "taharat - rules concerning use of lavatory", if knowing the context can help anyone understanding it).

So, in the ruling above, it is stated, if I am not mistaken, that washing urine once with kurr water is enough ! It doesn't even say that it must be washed twice as a precaution. It only says that about washing urine with under-kurr water.


Can someone please clarify that ? And does anyone knows a mutjahid who says that washing urine once with kurr water is enough ? Otherwise I think we all know muslims who do not wash urine twice, not because they are lazy or careless but because they think that is the way urine should be washed.


Thank you very much.


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Does anyone have a idea ? :grin:

I am worried because if urine must be washed twice then maybe, unless I am mistaken, the water which flows after the first washing is najis, even when washing with kurr water. Because, even when you wash with kurr water, meanwhile you turn the tap off after the first washing, water flows and that water is no longer connected with kurr. Can anyoneconfirm or refute that ?

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