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In the Name of God بسم الله

Benefit from AhlulBayt

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As Shia-Muslims, we believe in Allah as our Lord, Muhammad (saw) as our Prophet, Ali (as) his successor and the AhlulBayt (as) as our guides.

Please share stories of how you have benefited from the AhlulBayt.


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Biggest benefit I received from them:

I almost married an Ahle-Kitab but then I remembered Imam Ali's (as) quote from the morning after his wedding with Sayeda Zahra (as). The Prophet (saw) asked him how he found Hz Zahra and Imam Ali replied "I found the perfect companion to help me praise/worship Allah".

This played in my head over and over and then I finally made the correct decision. Could I really spend the rest of my life with someone who would not pray 5 times a day, fast in ramadhan, etc and also someone who would not do azadari with me.

So while the choice was tough, it was definitely the correct one. Alhumdulillah, I am married to a sayeda now and she truly is my perfect companion.

I thank Allah so much for giving me the courage to do the right thing and then rewarding me for doing the right thing. This would not be possible if it was not for the AhlulBayt.

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1 hour ago, (patience) said:


Alhamdulillah, as a Muslim i benefited  very much can't describe in words, it will be insult to their favours ! 


Salaam. Sure enough the bounties and blessings are infinite. However we can or should be able to cite examples for others.

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Learning to pick God over that which perishes, learning the power of God's Name in helping me in my struggles spiritually and worldly wise, and being bonded to the truthful chosen guides of God as opposed to deceivers that misguide.  Giving me purpose and taking to places on the boat that sails by the name of God through a Messenger and 12 Captains of the blessed boat, that who boarded is safe and who refuses it perishes.

If I make it and am enlightened, inshallah, I will not then disbelieve out of ungratefulness, forget the sources of my knowledge, and claim the path for myself and associate idols in all that, but appreciate the favor of God through his chosen ones and not associate anyone in that authority. If I am awakened I will not inshallah forget the sources of knowledge and associate in my Worship Satan the dark one and join his forces, and inshallah will never be a freemason nor any other group that seeks to lead humanity to people who have no proof of their authority.

Ahlulbayt have left us an ocean of knowledge and light as their legacy. I am pleased to have Quran as the clarification of guidance, Mohammad as my Prophet and Master, and the 12 Imams as my Guides and Leaders. If I make it to the place of enlightenment, inshallah, I will be grateful and not turn on my back and will not associate in all that others who are  not be obeyed nor followed nor taken as guides let alone masters! 

I am most grateful for being free except to God, and being owned by no one but God. I am grateful for the book that heals my heart, gives me strength, and makes me awaken to the dark enemies of humanity.

I am grateful for being guided to take the side of the oppressed and not the oppressors!

I am grateful for the reminder of what it means to be a human, when the human has been something forgotten!

I am grateful that God has provided a clear proof, in midst false religions, his true face admist the false claims, and has made the path clear from error, while the overwhelming majority of people wish others and themselves to remain ignorant. 

I am grateful he has shown the true path and manifested chosen people he has favoured, that if I love, that love would guide me to God.

I grateful for the etiquette to God that Quran and Ahlulbayt teach.  I am grateful for being awakened from worshipping the Taghut and recognizing that nothing ought to be valued on par or near the level we value God.

I am grateful I am putting my goal towards the bond of God which will never perish, and will remain, while everything else will dissappear.

I am grateful I am putting my remembrance towards what remains and does not perish, the good deeds devoted to God.

I am grateful for being taught not to sell what we have with God and the path he has chosen for us, for that which is but a fleeting moment and is a deception even in that moment.

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Many people in Western society look up to or idolize famous figures such as pop stars, entertainers, and athletes. I feel as though Allah(swt) has given us an amazing gift, which is the knowledge of AhlulBayt(as). Who better is there to model yourself after.

If you're looking for the man who completed the most complete religion, and the epitome of manners and good deeds, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh&hf) is the one to read up on.

If you're looking for patience and wisdom, look no further than Imam Ali(as).

If you're looking for commitment, dedication and humble, look at Bibi Fatima(sa).

You want a great orator and noble son, see Imam Al-Hassan(as).

If you want courage, bravery, and determination, Imam Hussein(as) is a perfect example of those qualities.

These characteristics aren't even fractions of who AhlulBayt(as) were and do not do justice to them whatsoever. Imagine if the whole world knew and studied the ways of AhlulBayt(as). I assure you that the world would be very different from what it is now.

Alhamdulillah in all cases.

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