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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sistani vs Khamenei

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Both leitimate marji-e-Taqleed.

One is based in Iran, the other Iraq, and they are both, according to reports from agha @repenter amicable with each other.

Ayatullah Sistani's representative told Ayatullah Khamanei that Ayatullah Sistani told Ayatullah khamanei that he is his 'sharestani'.

Sadly, there are some shia-shia divisions due to the politics of Iraq and Iran.

Ayatullah Sistani and Khamanei also have different political powers and roles, in addition to their marjiya'.

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@repenter I'm not trolling, but I researched on wikipedia, it says that the grand ayatollah is not just one person, but like 4 people (marji),  And that they have the highest authority after Quran, the prophets... 

but now is more clear for me, thank to all that answered me.

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Insha'Allah, you may be guided and we may all be guided to the best sources of knowledge (and not rely on Wikipedia entirely for explanations - because whilst it is an amazing repository of knowledge, it is not complete or comprehensive).

The case and structure of the title "Grand Ayatollah" is a subtle and intricate one - as is the case of what it means to be "Marji".

'Authority' and hierarchy, is also perhaps an oversimplified way to think about the role of an Ayatollah, or any Marja. Especially when referring to them, alongside the holy Quran and the holy prophets.

I don't have a well-rounded, convenient definition for you, on what the roles of these various categories are - but they do relate to the concepts of "Ijtihad" and "Taqleed" - which have emerged along the timeline of history in Islam, after the message of RasulAllah Muhammad (S.A.W) passed away, and are very related to "Imamat" - and the belief in divine and scholarly leadership for the Ummah in this world.

Do keep researching, and asking questions in good faith and seek out scholars to ask questions from in person - there is an endless amount to learn about and from those with higher knowledge.

Salaam, and best wishes on your search for knowledge,

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On 8/31/2016 at 0:28 PM, Sister Shia said:

One believes in Walayat a figh and the other does not. (Ayatyollah Khamenei yes, Ayatollah Sistani no.) That is the main difference. The differences in figh is always small between marjas.

This is not true, sister:


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some people told Ayatullah Bahjat r.a: Khamenei h.a is young to be a Great Leader, Ayatullah Bahjat reply to the say was: the moment when they said something like that to imam Ali .ra and stopped him to be the Leader(they Stole it), was enough for us and for seven of our Generation. ( (idk how to translate this part since it's a Farsi example)


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