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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Houthis inside Saudi arabia

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16 hours ago, Hyassine said:

Yeah the jew one is a bit over the top lol but if you don't want death to israel you must be a fan of genocide



Not sure if I undrrstood your comment properly but once again "Death to Israel" does not mean "kill all israelis".

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23 minutes ago, ugurano said:

free dom houthis, freedom turkey, freedom syria, feedom palestine, free iran, free lybia, free yemen, death to saudis, death to pkk, death to isis, death to taliban

Just to add death to those corrupted zhionist Jews who are in fact behind most of these corruptions.

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30 minutes ago, ugurano said:

free dom houthis

freedom turkey

freedom syria

feedom palestine

free iran

free lybia

free yemen


death to saudis

death to pkk

death to isis

death to taliban

free iran? :hahaha:

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Death to Jews or death to anybody else is not the right slogans.

After Saudis invasion of Yemen, it was the Palestinian factions (all of them) who supported the Saudis, NOT the Yemenis, not the Houthis. The groups like Islamic Jihad & Hamas even expressed their support for Al-Islah party, who is a branch of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, who are part of the Takfiri propaganda machine in Yemen, and who sided with Hadi and fighting under the umbrella of Saudi coalition.

The oppressed people who have NO sympathy to any other oppressed people or nation. And who always think sectarian.

To above new user, I don't know if Turkey is changing course or not, but its government always been indirectly siding with Saudis evil agendas in Yemen & Bahrain, while PKK has no business in supporting the terrorists in Syria or the dictators of Gulf states.

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It seems Houthis & allies are starting to seek diplomatic ties with international community in a bid to recognize their political hegemony  ->  First they met with Russian ambassador, then Iraqi leaders, then Syria & Iran ambassadors, now German diplomat.

Houthi delegation head (and spokesman) Mohammed Abdulsalam met with German ambassador in Muscat, #Oman


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God be with the Houthis and their allies. The Saudis did not expect a strong response after so called ceasefire and when the talks failed in Kuwait. They even were thinking that they could push the Yemenies out of some provinces and strike them hard. But, it was the Yemenis who responded very harshly both in the borders and in other provinces like Taiz, Marib and elsewhere..

Nowadays the Saudi officials are going around just to find a way out and beg for more partners... blame Iran on everything to satisfy themselves and their supporters.

Lets pray that Iraq is back to normal, and Iraqi militias will be able to go into Syria in their thousands, then that is the time where the Saudis and all these backward Takfiris will go crazy.

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Southern Yemeni men transported by Saudi Bahri Hofuf RoRo cargo to Eritrea Asssab port for militray training


These are South Resistance militias recruited by Saudi Arabia to fight Houthis at Najran border & Sadah 


Southern recruits say they've been screwed over by the Saudis and there's no way they'll fight in the north, or alongside Ali Mohsen's men.




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Aden is largely under south separatists control which is UAE proxy, not Saudi. Emirati leaders visit may send a message to Hadi and Islahis ------------------> 

Coming weeks or months will see South Yemen devolve into a new political conflict between proxies of KSA (Hadi) and UAE (Hirak separatists)  --------------------------------------> 

Governor and security chief in Aden no longer works with Hadi government, instead they will only receive orders from Abu Dhabi ------------------------------>





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