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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
Guest silasun

Needing Islamic ideological guidance

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Guest silasun

Salaamun Alaykum

There is a person who is very close to me. His relative advised that they needed help with regard to the person's beliefs, and I have noticed this need too.

Basically, the person is from a Shia background in one of thise quite religious families (i.e. hijab, prayer but not necessarily boycotting a haram gathering, a bit suspicious of ulama baselessly etc). He seems to be more concerned with music than many other things- spends his days playing his various instruments. He seems quite lazy and disrespectful to others but is actually quite a compassionate and caring guy. He is a qualified scientist. Unmarried, recent graduate. 

He is very much suspicious (for no real reason) of Shia clerics. However, I think he is (based on his statements) quite interested in the works of Dr Shariati (who by the way is not against Shia clerics). He is quite sceptical of organised religion, doesn't pray but fasts. I think he is a Muslim but clearly has a lot of ideological issues. He seems highly influenced by secular humanism in general. He didn't used to be like this but he started playing haram instruments and it all went downhill from there. In reality, his world view (e.g. how we should behave with others) seems to be entirely copied from secular humanism.

However, he is quite interested in art and Middle Eastern art/culture in general. 

I wanted to know what I can do to help ideologically. I.e. books I can suggest for him to read, works I or his relatives can read in order to try to get new ideas for him to reform himself ideologically. I understand the  ethical side of it but I want ideological help.

Personally, my Islamic knowledge is limited to akhlaq and fiqh. I'm not to strong on aqaid, history or Qur'an. I haven't read much Shariati but I will start soon.

I wanted to get a bit of help in what to read, what to recommend etc. I am thsu tagging some members who I think can help.

I really want to help this person so I greatly appreciate your help :)


@baradar_jackson @notme @Gaius I. Caesar @Abu Hadi @hameedeh  @mostafaa @narsis @magma @starlight @Marbles

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Salaam brother,

I appreciate your desire to help your friend. I would recommend you to read (and make your friend read too) Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahri, especially his works (in order): 1- Monotheism, 2- Divine Justice, 3- Fundamentals of Islamic thought: God, Man, and the Universe, 4- Revival of Islamic Thinking, 5- Imamat and leadership...and there are more.

He was as great a pilosopher as he was a staunch religionist. Imam Khomenie kept him in very high regard.

Dr. Ali shariati is also a great social scientist and if he likes Shariati, I believe he can like Mutahri easily.

May Allah guide us all...Ameen

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See? A wise man knows the best, simple(syed alij)

Highly recommending

Attraction and repulsion of imam ali a.s

Intellectual freedom

perfect human


Divine Justice

 Islam & time needs

By Shahid Mutahhari r.a


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