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In the Name of God بسم الله

Islamic Gospel vs Christian Gospel (NT BIBLE)

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In the Quran we have verses like Quran 5:46


And We sent, following in their footsteps, Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in the Torah; and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous.

and others like, which show us that Allah (swt) sent Jesus a scripture and holy book of God inspired by Him.

Now we have the belief that a book truly inspired by God can never be altered or played with. This is the very reason we say that the Quran is a perfect and clean book because It is the revelation of Allah (swt), which came to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by Angel Gabriel.

We know that the Prophet was given the knowledge of the Quran in it's entirety,(sub-question: was the Quran sent down physically as a copy?), and the Prophet slowly began to speak verse after verse to the people at specific times in specific amounts ( 1 or more verses ). 

At this point, we had many people taking the Quranic words, writing them down, and compiling it. This is where we get sunni narrations of Uthman having these Quran compilations and that whole situation, as well as other scribes who wrote the Quranic words and compiled them. ( non-muslims seem to use this as a tactic to say how the versions of the Quran from the beginning were always different) ---- this part needs correcting as I don`t fully know if this is how we think the compilation of the Quran is believed to be like.

If I am correct, the Shia belief is that from apparent narrations, thirteen (or around that) days after the death of the Prophet, Imam Ali (as) stayed entirely indoors, and compiled the same exact Quran we have until this day from beginning to end. More clarification later...


Now when it comes to Jesus Christ (as) and his Injeel (Gospel), Islam says that , just like the Prophet, the Gospel came from Allah towards Jesus Christ (as) through Angel Gabriel as well. Jesus also told the people of the revelation the same way and spoke of verses from the Gospel Allah (swt) sent down to him (right?).

My main questions are:

1. What is the differences between the way Jesus (pbuh) obtained the revelation of God and the Holy Book, and the way Muhammed (pbuh) obtained revelation of God and the Holy Book?

2. What is the differences in the way they were preserved? Better yet, are the books in the NT Bible words that came from God or are they personal entries from the apostles who wrote them?

3. Did Jesus know they were going to create the NT Bible after him? not the most important question in here but curious if there was any mention of Jesus saying that he wanted this after him.

4. What happened with the Injeel of Jesus (pbuh)? Was it a physical copy like the Quran or was it a full revelation that was in the mind of Jesus (pbuh) which was not revealed as a book?


NOTE: I know I have probably been terribly inaccurate with somethings I brought up so clarification and corrections are needed.


EDIT:  I ask because we know that a book truly inspired by Allah can never be altered and corrupted, so I am trying to learn how the Bible, or even the Torah were revealed and what happened to them. I heard narrations like the inspired books of God (Psalms of David, Torah, Bible) are all in possession of the awaited Imam (af), and will be revealed to us in the end.

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I find the Sahih international adds a lot of [brackets], which "clarifies" differences between religions moreso than the others. This, in itself is a human addition to the Quran, and even though the words are the same, the added suggested meanings take our religions farther apart. 

We spend a lot of time noting the differences between what the Bible says and the Quran, but very little on the similarities. My opinion of the Quran is that it fills in blanks and corrects faulty doctrines derived from the Bible, but not actually in the Bible. 

The Injeel is mentioned 9 times in the Quran and never actually calls it a book, although it is the going belief that Jesus was given a book, but there is no mention in the NT of what would have been a tremendously sacred book.

As John explains, In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. Then the word became flesh. My studies tend to make me believe that the Word, that was with God was sent by God to indwell Jesus and would already have the Injeel. (The Injeel being the revelation given to all prophets) If you check Genesis you will notice that "the Word" played a much larger and active role than a book could. 

Muhammad gained his revelation from Gabriel, who is also a very active part of biblical history. 

The compilation is somewhat similar. It got to a point where everybody had some sort of version, or writings, and it was brought to someone to determine what was truth and what to reject. For the Bible it was the council of Nicea, for the Quran it was Urthman and a few select. Basically it was determind what should be in the books, and what should be burned.

As with Muhammad, Jesus never wrote a thing. Matthew seems to be the first to record, probably due to his previous life as a tax collector. The disciples wrote gospels that were later compiled and attributed to them. 

Regardless what it took to get the scriptures to present day, all the books have been written and compiled by humans, regardless how pious they were they were also fallible. 

One phrase that keeps coming back from OT to NT is; "I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts" I believe the Disciples were as humanly accurate as they could be with their records. There are small variations between the Gospels as they were written, but consider they were also recorded from different perspectives as well. One Disciple saw what another one didn't, and some would suggest one or the other must be wrong, I have a rather long story that explains how this could be.

The same is witnessed between the rememberers, and transmitters, and the writing of the various versions of the Quran. It's not a big deal, it's only human. Muhammad had the same revelation written in his heart. That is how he was able to recite it to the rememberers.

The closest you will see to the Injeel given Jesus is what was quoted by the Disciples, and with many Bibles, it is written in red. The rest of the Godpels are the life and times living with Jesus during their ministry. 

The tough part is that not long after the scriptures OT, NT, Quran, were compiled, men of persuasion started making man made god laws which have skewed the original text without changing any words, and divided the true religion into a tremendous amount of sects. If you could read the all scriptures without the bias of doctrines you would find out the majority of what people hold on to as contradictions are misrepresentations made by those who wished to divide. 

God has one message for mankind and He gave it to every prophet the same. Demographics play a small role in variations of the message from the Prophets, but it's the work of men that has us so divided. 

I find it interesting that the Quran clearly states that it confirms past scripture, yet men say no no, it means past past scripture, obscure and unattainable. Makes me ask them if in that case was Gabriel given to babbling on about stuff that could be of no use to us? It's like looking for the book that Jesus carried. It keeps us chasing geese and missing the real message.

Not sure if I was any help for you.


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