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In the Name of God بسم الله

2016 Election reminds me of the Saqifa Debacle

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I dunno if you guys have been watching alternative news about the farce of a Democratic National Convention, but some serious underhanded tactics have been employed by the establishment against Bernie Sanders supporters. There have been literally riots outside the convention center:-

How cute that after Debbie Schultz resigns, she's immediately hired by Hillary LOL

Even Bernie Sanders was booed when he endorsed Hillary.

America, a country that prides itself so much on freedom and democracy is witnessing serious blatant election fraud and that majority can't even see it due to MSM propaganda.

It gets even better worse. The following video shows reserved seats for actors and a white noise machine right next to the bernie section


For more footage showing the chaos and mayhem outside the convention, see here http://therightscoop.com/holy-crap-this-was-the-scene-last-night-at-the-dnc/

A Bernie delegate explains what the scene was like inside, how the Democrats are using paid ‘seat fillers’ to make the convention look more unified. (video is taken from the link above)

Hey 'Muricans! Enjoying your freedom yet?

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I have followed this election very closely, having campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and having extensively watched the debates, and seen the Hillary supporters, their tactics, the dirty methods used to sabotage Sanders.

This is indeed, as you eloquently put, like the Saqifah Debacle.

From here on, i'm  JillStein, or i'm Trump to run the establishment to the ground [he won't be allowed to do anything as president either - and his power will be diminished by opposition].

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What happened in Saqifah was very similar - you have made a good comparison.

Hazrat Abu Bakr, as well as Hazrat Umar, and some medinian leaders, had planned the whole thing  They sought to remove Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s from these so-called 'shurah' discussions because they knew had the whole community had a fair shot at it, it would have stopped Abu Bakr gaining power unabated. 

Hence, they sabotaged Ali a.s beforehand, so he never really stood a chance. They did what they did secretly, at Saqifah.

Furthermore, Ali a.s had no choice, after six months of opposing them, to give Bayah. 

After this, they economically starved the Ahlulbayt asws, by denying them Fadak among other monetary sources. 


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The mainstream media isn't covering the DNC protesters.

I also forgot to mention, Google, Facebook, Youtube (partially), and Reddit have been actively sabotaging any dissemination of information regarding the Election 2016 Fraud and Wikileaks emails.

For example:- 

I tried uploading this image on FB, but it was immediately taken down. I CAN'T FIND IT!!!

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The whole thing is a joke. A lot of people near where I live want Trump to win cus Hillary is a war-mongering criminal. We're basically being forced to choose between two evils, but then again the system is fraudulent and whomever wins it'll be for the benefit of corporations and big banks anyways so... I'm just going to boycott the elections :)

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1 hour ago, LeftCoastMom said:

My kids have this up on their pages...lol.


Perhaps not really. If US want to learn something from the people of the world, cheating is not possible because the risks might be too high (Nuclear War), even Iblis himself want to prolong his stays in this world.

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10 minutes ago, Praetorius said:

A friend of mine made another great analogy today:-

"Yazid and Muawiya had 2 different styles. One was an open army, the other a diplomatic snake who lied through his tongue.
Sound familiar? Hillary or Trump"

This analogy is absolutely excellent!

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