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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Alawi - Alevi - Arap Alawi/Alevi thinking that....

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Selam Aleykum.

I read many posts about Alawi about what they believe about Imam Ali (as).

I read that Alawi believe that Ali is God. I am Arap Alawi/alevi. I am from Syria. I can assure the people here who are reading this, that we do NOT believe that Imam Ali is God. There is only 1 God, no other. La Illahe iIlAllah.
Some people might say: But all they talk about is Ali. This might be so, but didnt our prophet (saw) say: Ya Ali, Whoever loves you has loved me, whoever hates you has hated me. i am the city of knowledge and ali is its gate. 

Muhammed (saw) and Ali (as) resemble each other like 2 crows resembling each other. 

So this means that, when we do what Ali does, we automatically do what our prophet did. We have more love for our prophet than Ali. 

Shia and alevi are mostly the same. They are our brothers in Islam (same as sunni of course but for now i make comparison with Shia). We both believe in the 12 Imams. They are our masters.

As we all know, Ali is born in the Kaaba. The Kaaba opent up for Fatimah. She stayed here for 3 days. Most alawi (me too) believe that Ali has the air of Allah. This doesnt make him Allah, but how he found the watersprings. How he lifted the gates with 1 hand.
All I wish to say here is, Dont think we believe that Imam Ali is God. We do believe Allah gave him powers. But no such thing as Ali a God.

I think things went wrong that people heard wrong or interpretation of people differ alot.

Please, no spamming or bashing this message. All I wanted was to let ppl know how we think about Ali and information about thinking that he is God, is wrong.

Peace be upon you all, brothers and sister. May Allah guide you to Jannah!

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