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Not forming Clique's

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As we all know, shiachat is a forum. And we as human beings, have all developed differently, each choosing to hold our own particular belief, and our own particular opinion.

It's so important, just because someone may have an opinion you do not agree with, or perhaps event like, to not conflate that opinion, with that individual.

Human beings naturally like their own, and often you find people forming clique's of their own, and keeping and nursing long grudges and prejudices. 

I ask, why?

You can hold your view, i can hold mine, but your mouth and my mouth proclaim the oneness of the same God, his prophet s.a.w, and unlike the majority of the world, even his ahlulbayt a.s. How can i nurse a grudge against you?

If someone has made an opinion you do not like, to then ignore everything she says, or everything he says, based on a grudge you have decided to create and nurse, and water, is so unhealthy.

In my eyes, the mark of a true, functional, healthy, and beautiful society is when people can have major disagreements , but the next day the same two people are like childhood best friends, recognising the right to hold different views, the fact it is healthy to differ and discuss, and not holding these grudges.

I know people on shiachat, whose views [some] i am absolutely not in favour of, but as people, i really admire them. I don't think, you know, fulan believes in x, and so , you know, ignore anything else he says, and grimace in real life when going through his or her posts. 

I speak this first and foremost, to myself, before i do to anyone. I am going to try to implement this in my own life first.

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