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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

A journey to Ahlulbayt in Quran rebooted.

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1. Reflection over the indirect verses of "series of guides" and "chosen families" as a summary.

The Quran through out has emphasized on verses about when Prophets founded a nation, they would be followed up by a series of guides, mainly messengers or prophets themselves.

Although revelation to humanity has come to an end, the wisdom of such structure doesn't go away with that. The whole point of all those verses was to emphasize on the way of guidance of God and be admonishment and reminder to us, and be of relevance to us.

The truth of these verses and light would not make sense if there would be no series of guides to succeed the final Messenger. And the emphasis on Prophetic chosen families would not make sense if there was none for this nation. 

To be continued inshallah.



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2. Suratal Hud and emphasis on special meaning of family.

Within Suratal Hud there is emphasis that Nuh's son is not included in his family which is implied because his conduct is other then righteous. That is to say, no one who conduct is other then righteous can be included in his family.

The Angels also tell Sarah that she shouldn't wonder at being given Isaac in old age to be followed up by Jacob.  Because that is the "affair" of God, the mercy and blessings of God being upon them the people of the household.

If this would happen to me, I should wonder. Why? But a chosen person like Sarah or Abraham, should they wonder? No, as they are blessed with God's mercy in creation and all blessings in creation are upon them, this should not be an issue that seems strange at all. 

The blessings of that level are of course not on all offspring of Abraham and Sarah. Rather, we know, that such blessings are only upon the chosen ones.

The emphasis and going out the way to emphasize on this special meaning of family shows that there is such a family in this nation.  It makes no sense to emphasize on this yet there being no such family in this nation. 

The introduction of course is so we understand who the family of Mohammad is, and understand that this is not all new in God's way, it's not the first time that God defined a special meaning of family in this way.




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