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In the Name of God بسم الله

Pray for us o Messenger of God.

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From highest realm

Descended a being

Cloaked in the garbs of a human being

He became the definition of the perfect human

Entrusted to convey God's message

He bore hardship in the lower realms

Too dignified to stay in this world

God drew him with honor

But before he did so

In his book

He asked but one thing in return for his message

One reward, one wage, one recompense

To love the near Kin

The family of the reminder

The reminder of the path

The way towards God

The reminder of who God wants to rule humanity

And who wants us to be lead by

Peace be upon you O Messenger of God

We will not forget the declartion of the authority of your brother Ali

We will not abandon your two grandsons al-Hassan and al-Hussain

We are honored to take side of your daughter Fatima

And we are appreciative of the prayers taught by your great grandson Ali son of Al-Hussain

And we appreciate he who bore the same as you, being the utmost praise like you

Mohammad Al-Baqir who cleaved the knowledge

And we wish and long to drink from Al-Jaffar

We are inspired by the patience and forbearance of Al-Musa Al-Kathim

We take pleasure in God's will and follow Imam Redha

 We wish to be generous like Mohammad Al-Jewad

And we wish to guard and guide to your Lord like Ali Al-Hadi

And we hope through the love pure soul of Al-Hassan Al-askari

To recognize your message and await the relief

Of the final leader of humanity

We await the last of your family

We long him day and night

We wish to hasten his victory

We long for his guidance

We constantly long his companionship

We wish to please him and obey his commands

Ask your Lord o Messenger of God

To make us enemies of his enemies

Friends of his friends

Distance us from that which cuts him off from 

You came with a message that inspired hope

We are still hoping for the fruits of your message to come through

We are longing that olive tree

the source of light in our hearts

We long that path that leads to your pond

So pray for us, and don't forget us with your Lord

Pray for us when we bless you in Salah every day

Pray for us when say peace be upon you

And pray for us even when we forget you

O Messenger of God

The reward of our actions if we believe and do good will be quite a bit

But with you and your family's intercession

It will be something else!

Entirely higher, entirely brighter!

It will be what we never even hoped for

Never even fathomed or thought to ask

It's beyond what we can appreciate

Truly you, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain

And the 9 successors from the sons of Al-Hussain

Truly know what we should ask for

Truly know what we should desire

Truly know what we should crave for

Truly know what we should pray for

So pray with us

And be with us when we pray to God

And be with the our leader and guide

As you witness him witness us

And see him pray and intercede for us

Do remember us, do pray for us

Pray that our hearts be sincere in love of your family

Pray that our hearts value nothing on par with our Lord

And that we take seriously the two trusts you left us with

Quran and your family

Pray that we become brave and courageous

Patient and forbearing

Pray that we are pleased with God's will

And don't distort God's religion due to people of desires!

Pray that we cry tears of true sorrow

In memory of Al-Hussain

Remember us and pray for us

O Yaseen

O Taha 

Pray that we follow your way

the way of Ali and Fatima

and that we die on the creed of Abraham

Pray that we value the Quran as it ought to be valued

Pray that we love one another as we ought to love one another

Pray that we help one another in the way we suppose to help one another

Pray for the oppressed and pray that we help the oppressed

Pray that we understand Quran at a level that is dignified and honorable

Pray day and night for us o Great Messenger of God

Pray that we long for your intercession day and night

Pray that our breath in life be love of Ali and that our Lord be our goal in all that

Pray that we appreciate and thank our parents in the way we are meant to

Pray that we keep up Salah and not abandon it either outwardly or inwardly

Pray that we reason and reflect

Pray for us O Messenger of God

May God's blessings be upon you and your family

Pray to hasten justice on earth

The dream of all Messengers

The dream that is promised through your son,  The Mahdi!

Pray that our dark sins get forgiven.

And pray that we defeat our enemies,

mainly Satan and his forces

And that we are raised with honor and dignity

And pray for us as we pray for ourselves

And pray for us as we end Salah

And pray for us with prayers that we cannot appreciate

And that will be the seeds of our success in this world and the next!


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