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In the Name of God بسم الله

How are you going to utilise laylat ul qadr?

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I'm not going into details of amaal, but somethings I do plan to do:

1. Pledge to God to no longer flirt/talk with no need with opposite sex because it's hardening my heart and corrupting my soul. I will ask God for resolve regrading that.

2. Pledge to God that I will work hard to achieve my goals in life and as well help his cause, and ask his help with that.

3. Ask him to make me stop craving death and make me happier.

4. Ask him to help me find a pious good beautiful wife soon and get married.

I feel the essence of worship is how we communicate to God. So I will try to communicate this message in the most best way as well as make him my goal in all this.

I am not going to recite Du'a Jawthan like I use to. We have few hours of night time here.


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there is one thing that has a huge effect and we have some narrations advise us to do it in the laylat ul qadr and that is reciting Surah Al ghadr thousand times "and whoever do that god will give him our Valayah and improve his certainty" Imam Sadigh AS. Bihar Al-anvar vol 92 page 328

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Last night I followed most of the things mentioned on the duas.org page on the Amaals of nights of the 19th and 21st of Ramadhan.

I read dua kumail, dua an nudba, dua makarim al-akhlaq.

I prayed the prayed the salat al ziyarah after dua al nudba and also after ziyarah of Imam al Hussain (a.s.)

I also prayed the salat of Imam Mahdi for these nights as well as salat jafar al-tayyar.

I read part of the jawshan.

I also read the dua al tawba and munajaat al ta'ebeen from the Sahiffa Al Sajjadiyyah and also the 2 rakat salah for the night after which you recite astaghfar.

I did the dua with the quran at the very end.

I tried to reflect on my sins and my concerns. I was on the prayer mat all the time except if I had to leave to go to the bathroom.

In the morning I recited the tasbeeh cursing the killer of Imam Ali (a.s.). I'm probably going to continue doing that throughout the coming days.

I was just glad that I got the opportunity to pray during this night. Last year I had missed the 19th I think so I wasn't very happy about it. But I'm glad this year I got it right.

I hope I can keep this up in the coming years as well.

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There are some recommended prayers that I always do. Then ziarat of Imam Hussain.

Salat-e-layal is a given.

Then there are several salat-e-hajjat that I do.

Recommended to recite surah qadr 100(0y times

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