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In the Name of God بسم الله

Some thoughts For Ramzan Reading

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Assalam O Alaikum

I apologize on the belated, but the eventual greeting to a very blessed Ramzan. Prophet (SAW) has expressed his surprise at a man who could not have got his sins forgiven in this month.

And as i read somewhere and i would want to re-instate, that today we are more busy about getting motorbikes and awards in Ramzan rather something else.

The 15th of this blessed month also marks the Wiladat of Imam Hassan (AS), the prince of paradise, who said; The annihilation of people lies in three things: Arrogance,Greed and envy. Arrogance causes destruction of the religionand because of it Satan was cursed, and Greed is the enemyof one’s soul, and because of it Adam was expelled fromParadise, and envy is the guide to wickedness, andbecause of it Qabil killed Habil

Three New propositions are added.

Proposition #86: The Empty Vessel

Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop87.html

Proposition #87: The Bold and Fearless
Exact link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop88.html
What is the key to shun our daily fears and insecurities and stand steadfast?

Propisition #88: Perceptions
Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop89.html
With spiritual ascension comes the change in perceptions.

At www.sdol.org

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