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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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von Lohengramm

Anime Meme Thread

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As the name suggests, a thread for anime memes. Better to post these on here than on the official meme thread because no one will get them. 

SC otaku's unite! @sharinganMahdi @Tonks @magma @baradar_jackson @sakura1994 @Martyrdom (hope I didn't miss anyone)

photo 1450855734-289f5ead5ec741621a79d736c79f46a2_zps3zv6i1oe.jpeg

photo 1450855850-fc53eb5685d576f7d4e904500bd3e11a_zpsqd3qe41a.jpeg

photo 525470_321770331220543_1806359745_n_zpsu9suujmb.jpg

photo 13344778_1127301230662165_8911607357314105534_n_zpskvyt404i.jpg

photo 13450087_1130367953688826_5426871489879563022_n_zpsawkzsepu.jpg:hahaha::hahaha:

photo naruto-meme-8_zpsffjkikob.jpg

photo naruto_epic_fale_faces_gif_by_artof_nothing-d4oqxl9_zpsmv5lqh6u.jpg

photo 13241171_1603870369904764_3483799838242148132_n_zps366fjbb9.jpg lol

photo 1450855695-98ed158fe075dd3b426a51edd7e7dbb9_zpssn0fmujm.jpeg

photo b6d17dfc3ad384b305d124ac5e24bd26_zpsnhdzoe0m.jpg

photo 13102633_1593840267574441_3082936483868461570_n_zps3mmk1ccz.jpg:hahaha::hahaha::hahaha:

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Bro sharinganMahdi has unregistered, so I didn't feel like posting anything :( 

But I'm curious, what are you?...


^I'm a Necromancer 

For those who have seen Attack on Titan...

AOT Scenario.png

^ I'm related to Levi..YESSSS


^ I'm an Alchemist 

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