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In the Name of God بسم الله

Why there appears to be a contradiction in Quran?

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Ayah is Surah al-mu'aarij(77th) 1st ayah.

well as shia muslim i was also told that this ayah was about the person who denied vilayah-e-Ameer Al-momaneed(as) on day of ghadeer and he was punished by Allah infront of everyone,right there,right at that moment,Infront of RasoolAllah(PBUH).

But in Surah Al-anfaal Allah clearly says that He will not send adaab till Rasool Allah(PBUH) is present amoung you people and there are people wo seek forgiveness(8:33)

Why there appear to be a contradiction.?

i truly believe Quran is free of any type of Faults . This mere is MY inability to understand it .

plz don't get me wrong, i just want an honest & satisfying answer.

Thanks :)

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point is 'nazool of adaab' whether for one of for group.

 i've consulted some sunni friends and their version of translation says " A demanding person has asked for
the punishment that is going to befall" they say it didn;t happen but it will( on day of judgement) 

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Based on interpretations the punishment mentioned in 8:33 is collective punishment like punishment of A'ad and Thamoud's people. So the verse 33 of Sura al-Anfal is denying collective punishment for Muslims not every type of it. But first verse of al-Ma'arij is about individual punishment. And we know that he himself asked for adaab when he expressed his enmity. It is narrated he said:  "If he (prophet saww) is true, then shower upon us the volley of stones from the sky or inflict upon us a grievous torment"

By these explanations, I see no contradiction.


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