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In the Name of God بسم الله

Modern Hospitals= Slaughter Houses??!!!!!

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Two questions had been turning over and over in my mind about the medical field. I forwarded these questions to  Khamenei and Sistani. I even asked  the third  option to a non Islamic  medical forum. 

First Question  I addressed to Khamaeni:

Salam Alaykom Wa RahmetAllah Wa Barakato,
Is it haram for a doctor to give morphine to a dying patient, knowing the fact that yes it will ease the pain but also accelerate the patient's death?

The answer came back:  

Bismihi Ta`ala

Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu
If that would precipitate for an earlier death, it is impermissible.  With prayers for your success

Second Question to Sistani:

As a [future] nurse I [ would be expected to] draw blood from an elderly patient 2-3 times a day for lab work. Some patients look like they cant make it through one blood drawing. If this action hastens the death of a patient, will I be punished by God for following doctors orders?

The Reply came back:

In the Name of God, the Most High


If drawing out blood hastens the patient’s death or has a negative impact on him, it is not permissible to do so. You should talk to your doctor to convince him that it is not permissible to do so in your religion. 


May Allah grant you success.


As for the the non ISlamic forum they told me that there could be a possible risk of hospital anemia from drawing out blood even if a patient is DNR, but they reassured me its  small amounts.....and that its necessary but that it wouldnt hasten death.  They said the doctors would take less blood if the patient cant handle it. While I kept an open mind to what they were saying as they were trained and experienced in the medical field,  I still feel that there definitely is a negative impact on elderly patient to have this amount of blood taken out of them, because I've seen it happen first hand to  another relatives, to the point where a blood  transfusion was then needed after a week of three times daily  blood drawings.  The non Islamic tell me that morphine is given in small amounts and that it does not hasten a patient death but might even improve it and   it gives patient a chance to die with dignity and relief. However there was a difference in opinion, another nurse stated that many times it hastens death.

My Thoughts on the Issue?
I was brought up with a negative idea on hospitals. One of the reasons I want to go into nursing is to clear up misconceptions, and to understand the body more.  That being said, even though there are positive sides of hospitals, I feel that there are huge negatives. I  was never comfortable with them giving morphine and other drugs to patients to ease the pain. I remember my aunt, they gave her  pain killers and drug anxiety over long period of time, that it ultimately had negative effect on her and hastened her death.  For my other dying  relative however, family opted not to give morphine for we wanted  her to be alert and not fall into a coma in her last moments. I was almost regretting  that we said no to the morphine after what the non islamic medical advice told me. But  after reading Khamanei's response, I know we did the right thing now.  I'm beginning to feel that  most hospitals follow the dying with dignity, giving pain killers to the patient, knowingly it has a bad effect on them. So eerie....perhaps most hospitals are really slaughter houses......

With this eerie idea in mind, if I do go into nursing, I would just work in a doctors office instead of a hospital.....




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Allah Bless You. There are few who care about the role of religion in professional work. Putting Islamic teachings into practice even if it affects our job and financial situation is what Allah asks us and They are all test.


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Your thoughts are good; but regarding the different responses you got, you need to consider a point (and you probably have, but just in case)

Your dilemma is constituted of two premises:

Minor premise: giving morphine to/drawing blood from patients hastens their death.

Major premise: to hasten someone's death is impermissible.

In the two marja's' response, they only considered the major premise, and left the minor premise on you to figure out. On the other hand in the non-Muslim forum some of the responses included the minor premise as well. Say, if there is no harm in drawing little blood or giving little morphine from and to the patient, then why would it be impermissible?

Conclusion: you have to know the professional idea on the minor premise before you can draw conclusions from the rulings of the marja's.

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@Salman Haqiqi , I believe sistani and Khamanei meant that its acceptable  to give them small amount because  every drug is going to have side effect. However; if you know the next dosages, even small one - it will lead to their death you cannot give them anymore. Example would be: you begin seeing their heart rate to slow down, and the patient is complaining of pain, this next shot of morphine u give them kills them off.. My aunt was in the hospital long term. They kept giving her these drugs to calm her down, until they started showing negative effect. Or they knew her hemoglobin was starting to get low from after all the blood drawings after a week- so instead of stopping they gave her blood transfusion. And I think  when the patient reaches point to blood transfusion from you having to  3 times daily draw blood from them then you have caused them harm,.

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